The Almanackers list is up and running again

You will be happy to know that you can find a catalogue of each and every Almanacker’s stories by an author search.

We have had a bit of an issue with the plugin that provides that service, but thanks to James Demetrie and his programming crew, that’s been sorted out.

Just hover on ‘About Us’ and the drop down will give you three alternatives. Click on ‘The Almanackers’ and that will take you to the list. Have fun exploring!

Or you can click here:



  1. Earl O'Neill says

    Can’t find my one-sentence column. Will have to write another.

  2. Can you remember it?

  3. Earl O'Neill says

    The Rules Committee was coincidentally upset by a lack of free-flowing football, I love Wm Faulkner’s three page sentences, wanted to write a once sentence column and KB got on the radio and it panned out that way, there was no forethought or planning, there never is.

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