The Almanackers: I is for Ivins and J is for Jeffrey


I is for Tim Ivins, the lad from a farm outside Canberra, who is currently making his way in London (still there Tim?) Tim has had a lot of Hawks joy to write about. And J is for Mick Jeffrey, the Western Bulldogs fan from central Queensland, who plays a bit of footy up there as well as visiting Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast for games. Mick also runs in the Canberra marathon. Tim doesn’t.

Others include: (Note, too, Yoshi (Imagawa) and Yvette are like Pele – both only have one name.  And they are going to be our two Ys)

Steve Ingham who’s an Essendon man.

Russell Jackson who is a very talented cricket writer (and general write) whose early Almanac pieces on 70s advertising during cricket telecasts won much acclaim from Almanac readers.

Daniel Jackson, maverick Tiger and AFLPA thinker, has written for us. WE would welcome you back any time Daniel.

Ben Jensen has a website called The Cattery (  and bobs up from time to time at the Almanac.

AJ is another one of the bobber-upperers.

As is Mandy Johnson, Tiger fan, and professional editor, who has assisted with a number of Almanac projects over the last couple of years.

Shane Johnson hails from Tassie and works in footy in Queensland. He recently published an amusing collection of memoir, and his yarn in Footy Town about the Wynyard goal post grand final is a pearler.

Richard Jones is a grand old man of sports journalism and broadcasting in the Bendigo region. He has a million stories some of which he told in Footy Town as well. He barracks for the Cats.

Joefloh exploded onto the Almanac scene last year with a classic series of articles about leaving Essendon to become a Doggies fan.



You can see some of the pieces of these writers by clicking on their names below:




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  1. Oh, and the Gold Coast Marathon, and the Melbourne Marathon (twice)…..

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