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I don’t think our very own Foss Mosig will mind people knowing that he has a link with Jack Dyer (from memory – Ed) and that his calling in life is to orchestrate (bring out the cannons – Ed) the apotheosis of Richo (and he’s been very successful – Ed). Mr Mosig is a senior statesman at the Almanac entitling him to a quota of thousands of words (and no editing – Ed) which he fulfils weekly (and religiously, if you know what I mean – Ed).


He won’t mind me telling you that he lives in the same house as the bloke who writes The Pre-Wrap and The Wrap (not that there’s anything wrong with that – Ed) and he’s pretty impressed with him.


The Wrap is a must-read every week, if nothing else for its capacity to identify no virtues (except at Tigerland – Ed) in mankind but many weaknesses. He sees us for the characterless lot we all are (steady – Ed).


He has a hollow man detector I’d buy off him on E-Bay.


If we had an Almanac Hall of Fame he’d be in it. (What did Groucho say? Ed)

He’s a star.


Here’s some of the (literally) hundreds of Ms who have written for us over the years. 

Dene Macleod, or Guru, as he is known in the borough of Williamstown is a Geelong nut (he once gave me a video which was 12 hours of Gary Ablett snr highlights). He is a stalwart, with Smokie Dawson, of the Williamstown CYs at Fearon. He is also a key figure at Geotech who are sponsors of the Almanac.

DGM (Dr Greg Mallory) has lived a life in rugby league. A labour historian, he has also written rugby league histories including a celebrated oral history of players in the 1950s and 60s including the Golden Greek Fonda Matassa.

Vin Maskell is the founder and editor of Stereo Stories which is a partner site of and a key element of the Almanac Music pages. He also convenes His sensitive stories have appeared in numerous publications.

Brendan McArdle is a straight-shooting cricket columnist who has  had a life in the noble game. He played for Victoria.

Nick McGay is an Eagles fan.

Lee McGowan is a lover of the world game. A Scot, he teaches creative writing at QUT.

Rob McLean has been a journalist and writer in country South Australia.

Ged McMahon is a professional editor who barracks for Essendon.

Geordie McMillan recently made his Almanac debut with an excellent memoir of 1994.

Adam McNicol is from Manangatang. He has written numerous books including a history of his home region and a biography of the Daniher brothers. He has spent time with Fev.

Phineas Meere has a great name.

Philip Mendes and his son Lucas write (in tandem) about North Melbourne.

Vaughan Menlove has an understanding and appreciation for the nuances of soccer that can’t be taught and has recently started sharing his love of the world game with us here at the Footy Almanac. While everyone else likes to jump on one of the big four in English football, Vaughan’s weekend can be destroyed if Luton Town doesn’t salute. One of Punt Rd’s True Believers, he’s yet to microwave a Richmond membership.

Paul Mitchell is a poet who barracks for Carlton.

Joe Moore was one of our prize recruits in 2014. A passionate Swan from Tassie, he couldn’t spend enough time at the keyboard. He keeps the Swan faithful happy.

Julian Morison is one of the New England Uni economics push who raid these pages from time to time.

Adam Muyt is an ecumenical football fan. He is one of a handful of Almanackers who have written for both the AFL and NRL publications. His history of Fitzroy FC is a gem (published by Ian Syson at Vulgar Press).


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