The Almanackers: H is for Holt


We have four Holts, and possibly more, who contribute to

Stephanie is a St Kilda fan who teaches writing at RMIT. Her Bomber-supporting twin brother Richard is also a writer who serialised his novel on these pages some years ago. Marcus is a Geelong fan who drives buses in the Pivot. His son Zac is a Geelong fan as well.

Some of the other H’s:

Haje Halabi is a teacher who has had stints in schools in the Middle East and South-east Asia. He is returning (has returned Haj?) to Australia with his family to continue to shed tears over the Richmond Football Club.

Handbag Hansen is a geophysicist and Port supporter who has a keen eye for the ridiculous and the important and can be found at sporting venues around the country and jungles around the world. He is part of the Adelaide Uni Greys/Blacks push which has added to our pages.

Tim Harcourt has played a fair bit of footy with Handbag Hansen over the years. Tim is the Airport Economist and has had a stellar career with the ACTU, AusTrade, and now with the University of New South Wales. He can be seen, heard and read pretty well everywhere.

Ed Harcourt is a Geelong fan who works in health. He has enjoyed the past few years of Cats beauty.

Ian Hauser has been a magnificent supporter of the Almanac in recent years. Although he is not one to show his words to the public very often, he does a mountain of work behind the scenes, especially in the rugby league area. He is co-editor (with Sasha Lennon and me) of Rugby League Town (forthcoming in 2016).

Liam Hauser is a professional sports journalist working in the Tumut, Cooma area for the local paper. He has written a history of State of Origin football.

Kevin Hawkins is a bright young thing of Melbourne student life and a Dees fan.

Roy Hay is a bright ancient thing of Melbourne student life. He won’t mind me saying that, because he would expect nothing less of our 20-year friendship. During that time I have experienced the lift of his quiet encouragement. A Scot, whose grandfather played for the Caledonians and for Celtic and Ayr, Roy (and Frances) arrived in Australia in the mid-70s and became Geelong fans. Roy has written extensively on soccer including his recent history of the game in Australia (with Bill Murray). He was a brilliant (and tireless) Asian Cup correspondent.

Nicole Hayes is a novelist who has an interest in footy, and in women in footy.

Rob Heath is a barrister with an interest in history. He is a terrific supporter of the Almanac.

Jeremy Hill is a smiling Hawks fan from up the Murray. He’s a student who dons the jumper for the Blacks (I think).

Phil Hill is a dentist, cricket umpire, gourmand, and prolific reader. He has been writing reports of Fitzroy matches for some time. He’s part of the famous Tram Conductors, a group of vocal (and dare I say) witty supporters who congregate at the Brunswick Street end of the famous old oval.

Steve Hodder is a teacher, fly fisherman, and Hawks supporter. (We have so many of them) He keeps an eye on things to see that the Geelong-Hawthorn balance is maintained.

Michael Howard is the reigning Almanac Darts Champion. He can be knocked off his perch on Brownlow night this coming September, but until then he walks tall in the knowledge he is it. He teaches in the bush.

Wesley Hull is our wonderful Far North Queensland correspondent. He teaches up there. His piece for Footy Town 2 (forthcoming) is a cracker.

Peter Hulthen is also from Up North, and he is another teacher. A retired principle he has been a stalwart of junior sport wherever he has been. These days he is dabbling in some writing.

Glen Humphries is a sports journalist who writes rugby league. He is a Saints supporter.


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  1. To knock off Mick Howard in this year’s darts championship I’m going to practice at least once before the tournament.

  2. and a handsome collection of H’s Mr Harms!

    As Prime Minister Robert Menzies once said to a heckler when asked “What are you going to do about ‘ousing?”

    “I’d put an “H” in from of it for a start!

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