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P. Flynn, backbone of the innings, faces T. Wilson

P. Flynn, backbone of the innings, faces T. Wilson

An unassuming P. Flynn shuffled down to the nets of the Almanac suggesting he wouldn’t mind a game.  Invited to pad up, he flicked some loose kapok away, thumped the cane struts with his Polyarmour, and took guard (two legs a la I M Chappell), before producing a full catalogue of shots. Here are some of them:

  • an understanding of batting technique
  • an understanding of the significance of the written word – like the form guide
  • an understanding of shout culture in Australian pubs
  • a deep affection for the Geelong FC (although he has a dirty secret in this regard)
  • a love of The Terrace at Kardinia Park
  • a pathological need to be in the Lord of the Isles or the Sawyer’s Arms at some time during winter
  • the most wicked hook with his old golf clubs, which has been replaced by a freakish long, straight ball with his new (dead-man’s) golf clubs
  • a capacity to have other people pay for his trips to the world’s major sporting events (every year)
  • a healthy disrespect for the inane, the banal and the downright stupid, while also having a healthy respect for the absurd, the silly and the cavalier
  • a recognition of the mystery of mathematics and the miracle of conveying it to children
  • an innate ability to calculate the number of stubbies a trip (car or train) will require. E.g. T and G clock in downtown Geelong to his Mum’s place in Bell Park = one stubby and one spare just in case you get a bad run of lights
  • a capacity to play 500
  • a genuine love of darts
  • and others

He has been a fine addition to the middle order, and will go in at the top of the innings when asked.

Other Fs include:

Andrew Fithall who could be the most organised and reliable man on the planet and must have a role at Almanac at HQ when he decides it’s time to quit his day job. Andrew is a music Buff par excellence. He has been a great support to me and to the Almanac.

Ben Footner is a librarian from the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. He’s a regular reader and commenter. He writes about the Crows.

Anne Fedorowytsch is another Crow who started writing during her uni years and is now making her way in sports (footy) journalism.

Steve Fahey is a lover of all sports, especially footy and athletics. He’s a psychologist – which helps. He convenes the Floreat Pica Society.

Peter Fuller is a magnificent supporter of all things Almanac, and a regular at events. In his sixties, he has a remarkable recall on sporting matters, and has continued to be a participant throughout his life. He is also exceptionally well-read and a life member of the ALP. He barracks for Carlton.

Scott Frame has three children, all born in Geelong premiership years – he is a massive Geelong supporter based in Brisbane.

Andy Fuller is an academic who llives in Indonesia (from memory) and has a lot of interesting things to say about sport in its social context. His most recent piece is on the Whitten Oval.

M.A.P. Freezer Freeman is busy these days playing sports chauffeur to kids and trying o find time to consult the form guide.

Justin Fris started writing for us while a student in Perth but has landed a journalists’ job in Far North Queensland, which has been an eye-opener.

Declan Fay is a comedian is now one of the Breakfasters on 3RRR. He has written some memorable pieces including the one where he watched the Prelim Final v Geelong with Jeff Kennett.

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  1. Heard a lot about P Flynn. Never met the guy.
    You are correct that A Fithall is the most organised man in the world. Hence the smooth running of Oaks Day.

  2. bob utber says

    Dips don’t worry about meeting PJ Flynn . I travelled to Sri Lanka trying to meet up with him and his Sri Lankan cousin – look in all the known places TAB, Pub, cricket grounds but he could never be found.
    Know doubt he will look for me this year but I will be disguised in a Crows jumper. Good luck if you catch up with PJF but you have been warned!

  3. I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that PJF followed Geelong. As a fellow Cats tragic though I’m intrigued about the dirty secret. What could it be? More details required JTH.

    Cheers, Burkie

  4. Andrew Fithall says

    Thanks for the kind words JTH. I love being part of the Almanac community. Dips. I was going to give the organisational credit for Oaks day to Helen but she responded that I was actually the one who did most of the organising. Helen said she added the glamour.

  5. Andrew Starkie says

    Maths is overrated. Seriously, who cares about numbers?

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