Almanac Footy Teams – AFLX: The Cyclones

Four new teams will be taking the field in the revamped AFLX competition.  In a flight of marketing madness these teams will be known as “The Rampage,” “The Flyers,” “The Deadlys” and “The Bolts.”


The AFL, in its infinite wisdom, missed the boat on this one.  Why did they not select the quintessential Australian team for this competition, the mighty Cyclones?  This team has it all, speed, power, gale force winds and destructive force!


Backs:                   Ian (Nankervis).  (27 February to 3 March 1992, category 4 severe tropical cyclone)

                               Ted (Potter).  (15-21 December, 1976, category 4 severe tropical cyclone)

                               Alby (Smedts).  (27 March to 5 April, 1978 category 5 severe tropical cyclone)


Centres:                Quenton (Lynch).  (22-29 January, 1994, category 3 severe tropical cyclone)

                                Warren (Jones).  (4-6 March, 1995, category 3 severe tropical cyclone)

                                Simon (Black).  (15-26 March, 1990, category 4 severe tropical cyclone)

                                Jason (Akermanis).  (5-14 February, 1987, category 2 tropical cyclone)

                                Herbie (Matthews).  (17-21 May, 1988, category 1 tropical cyclone)

                                Daisy (Pearce).  (5-16 February, 1972, category 3 severe tropical cyclone)

                                Bobby (Skilton).  (19-27 February, 1995, category 4 severe tropical cyclone)

                                Roger (Dean).  (12-21 March, 1993, category 2 tropical cyclone)

                                Nigel (Lappin)  (14-20 January, 1985, category 3, severe tropical cyclone)


Forwards:           Ivor (Warne-Smith)  (21-28 February, 1980, category 4, severe tropical cyclone)

                              Lance (Whitnall)  (4-7 April, 1984, category 2,  tropical cyclone)

                              Larry (Donohue)  (15-20 March,2006, category 3, severe tropical cyclone)


Coach:                  Brendan (Gale).  Obviously.


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  1. great idea

  2. Joe do the Cyclones play their home games @ Windy Hill ?


  3. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Cracker of a team, Joe ! Beautifully researched. Wouldn’t want to mess with Alby by the look of it .

  4. Joe De Petro says

    Thanks 6%
    Glen, Windy Hill is the obvious home ground for this team, isn’t it?
    Thanks Philip. I am not noted for my research skills but Wikipaedia makes us all look like Woodward and Bernstein, two names that I also looked up on Wikipaedia.

  5. Ruck: Scott Wynd ??

  6. Joe De Petro says

    He can be assistant coach. Both Scott and Brendan were Hurricanes in the Japan/Philipines region.

    Maybe they could both play BBL for Hobart?

  7. Geoff Raines and David Flood are usually active when cyclones hit !

  8. Joe De Petro says

    DH, this is going all biblical now.

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