The View from Shepparton

Went to church yesterday as is my wont every Sunday. Thus I miss out on Insiders and Offsiders every Sunday which is not my want. But just discovered iview. Hallelujah.

Bod’s big day out at the footy

by David Armstrong I had reasoned that it was nigh impossible for a regulation football fan (me) to ever go to an AFL Grand Final.  So I committed myself to see a country league Granny, and chose Goulburn Valley as one of my sons lives in Shepparton and I was free on the day. So [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – second week of major round

by Peter Schumacher Even though I had fervently hoped that the interstate sides would get up I have to admit that in the first game at least justice was done. Geelong were simply far too good. I actually watched the first half on repeat early Saturday and gave up viewing at half time, the match [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Finals Week 1

by Peter Schumacher So glad the that the interstate sides got up, keeps the finals more interesting. Could not contain my delight at Fremantle demolishing Hawthorn. Just a reminder again as to how hard it it is to travel interstate and play well. Given though that the Hawks came from nowhere after the first 6 [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 22

by Peter Schumacher Don’t like the notion that some teams might have been playing dead in this round, notably St Kilda and Geelong. If that proves to be true, (and outside observers like myself would never know) then I hope that they both go out in straight sets. Meanwhile in the real or unreal world, [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 21

by Peter Schumacher Liam Jurrah, that mark is what sets our game apart from all of the rest, long live AFL. By the way, nothing too much wrong with Goddard’s mark either. I happened to view a DVD of the 2001 Grand Final which Brisbane won against Essendon. This year my extended family and I [Read more]

The View from Shepparton Round 20

by Peter Schumacher Help, I am in a footy wilderness in South East Queensland surrounded by football atheists and infidels who do not follow the game. Worse, they do not support the game and are largely indifferent to the game, indeed they are largely indifferent to any sporting competition at all believing it to be [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 18

The question is, will the Bulldogs move forward after their win against North Melbourne or it all come to a ghastly end if not on 21 August then some time in September? Will the Bulldogs fortunes be in sync with those of their number one ticket holder? I think that it is fair to say [Read more]

The view from Shepparton: Round 17

I wonder  what will happen one day when Buddy kicks five goals but gives away two consecutive 50 metre penalties with the opposition kicking the winning goal as a result in this year’s grand final. And this will all have happened after coach Clarkson has tried to tell him nicely to stop being  a goat [Read more]

The View from Shepparton – Round 16

By Peter Schumacher Have been so traumatised by the ascent of Collingwood to the top the ladder that I have been unable to to sit down and think about footy at all. The only consolation I have is that every Magpie follower in the land will go through unbearable and long periods of insecurity as [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Round 6

The View took his frame to the nearest Hardly Normal Store today , ostensibly to purchase a microwave but in fact to have a look at the new 3D behemoths. The salesperson reckoned the State Of Origin games are going to be telecast in that medium this year. The State Of Origin concept by the [Read more]

Round 3 – The View from Shepparton: Too many minors a key issue for Collingwood

by Peter Schumacher As I wind up my gramophone, I am sure that I must be the only footy fan preparing to put down thoughts accompanied by Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWV 565 in glorious SACD sound. True, I am not in the right room, but still, sounds pretty damned good through [Read more]

View From Shepparton: Magnificent match reminds me of Kline-Mackay final-wicket partnership in Adelaide

To all of you Almanackers and everyone else, as the self-appointed writer of the “The View” I always try to  think about John Harm’s idea on writing, which as I recall is to the effect of: write something that others will find interesting and that you would want to read yourself. As I sit here [Read more]

View From Shepparton: Good on you, Gazza, and thank goodness Judd fell short

Well Gazza got up and good on him. I recently became aware that some commentators have criticised him for standing clear of the play to receive easy handballs or kicks but I must say that this has never been obvious to me. I would just go to a game to see him play. The other [Read more]

View From Shepparton: Joy and pain in Shepparton and Jeparit

As someone has observed the things that give you the most joy can also give you the most pain. In this instance I was so deliriously happy after Brisbane’ s great comeback win and so deliriously unhappy after reading about the circumstances of Adelaide’s last-second loss. I hadn’t really expected Brisbane to go any further. [Read more]

View From Shepparton: Lions with a home final? Wish I still lived in Queensland

Brisbane get a home final, how good is that? I never dreamed at the beginning of the year that they would achieve that. In my heart rather than my mind I thought that they might finish eighth but I wasn’t really a believer. What better test than to beat an emotionally charged Sydney in Sydney?

View From Shepparton: Lions’ comeback tops off an engrossing round

Hate to be a St Kilda barracker when the siren sounds at the end of the Grand Final against Brisbane and Nick lines up for goal 45 metres out, having just taken a pack screamer. Actually as a keen sportsman, sorry, person, I would get no joy either way if this scenario eventuated. I guess [Read more]

View From Palm Cove: Queensland setting inspires dreams of Lions surge despite loss to Bulldogs

Still at Palm Cove, what a great place, have been spurred to ask why anyone would want to live in cold old drought-stricken South Eastern Australia when one could be living up here. Unfortunately there is the small issue of finances …

View From Shepparton: My worst fear is that the Pies will win the flag

This week The View comes via sunny Palm Cove in Far North Queensland. Collingwood are definitely the big winners, Port Adelaide the big losers (again).

View From Shepparton: I’m glad Voss emphasised Lions’ first half rather than second

I couldn’t bring myself to put my mind to this stuff earlier as I was so distressed, horrified, mortified, by our second-term fade-out against Collingwood. I was so happy at half-time. The birds were singing, well they would have been had it been day time, Brisbane were looking great, Brown was on fire although he [Read more]