View From Shepparton: I’m glad Voss emphasised Lions’ first half rather than second

I couldn’t bring myself to put my mind to this stuff earlier as I was so distressed, horrified, mortified, by our second-term fade-out against Collingwood. I was so happy at half-time. The birds were singing, well they would have been had it been day time, Brisbane were looking great, Brown was on fire although he had missed a couple of gettable shots and I was starting to dare to think of the golden days. But alas, the Magpies were too good by a country mile.

Have to say that one thing that did please me was the spin that Voss put on it, that is that the first half had been Brisbane’s best for the year. Far better to say that than to provide a litany of doom and gloom as to what went wrong and that the team was hopeless. I  suppose that I should concede that Collingwood’s effort was pretty good in the second half. Having said that,  Brisbane was really one of three major losers on the weekend.

One other was Hawthorn who I thought would come powering home this season. Got that wrong, it’s the Powerless who might. I have a theory that if the weather fines up it will be of major assistance them as they seem to play better in the milder conditions.

Essendon’s loss was also a major catastrophe for them, they have to beat Brisbane now but probably won’t (I hope). Still it is another away match for the Lions, so who knows?

Very pleasing result for the West Coast as it definitively showed that they weren’t tanking.

Talking about which I think that such thoughts totally demean Richmond’s win and in particular Jordan McMahon’s after the siren goal.  I just hope though that the speculation isn’t true.

The Carlton-North Melbourne result went to the wire. North Melbourne should have won. Excellent sportsmanship showed again when the Blues  helped to form the guard of honour for Adam Simpson at the end of his final game.

Actually the real point  I wanted to make in respect of this round was that it underlined the fact that nothing is certain come finals time. Geelong and St Kilda both had near death experiences which indicates that either could still easily come back to the field at the time when previous win loss ratios mean nothing. (I thought that Adelaide were home when they went 8 points up. Pretty fair effort, though, playing at Kardinia Park).

Even the Western Bulldogs failed to get the big percentage booster against Freo.

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