The View from Shepparton – second week of major round

by Peter Schumacher

Even though I had fervently hoped that the interstate sides would get up I have to admit that in the first game at least justice was done. Geelong were simply far too good. I actually watched the first half on repeat early Saturday and gave up viewing at half time, the match was too one sided and in deference to my soccer, league, and union mates I have to admit that this was one time where there seemed to be no point in taking any more time with this. Of course had it been the Lions, I would have watched for the whole 120 minutes plus post mortems plus the radio, everything. As a “guest” Freo supporter I got all emotional and fed up and showing a commendable bias, I believe, I could not stand any more. I sulked and skulked into our kitchen and somewhat morosely prepared my breakfast.

Now I will become a guest Geelong supporter, yes I know that that shows all the character of say our pet cat who is supposed to be a one person animal and is until someone else offers to feed it. And I trust therefore that Freo let them play into form. They really did look slick and fast and had the eight goals at the end of the first quarter to prove it. Reminded me of a team in the early two thousands who won a premiership or three.

If you though that the above was a rather vague summary, wait, there is more.

On Saturday evening I had decided that as my lovely wife had somewhat reluctantly agreed to my getting a big Samsung 63 inch TV, I could totally redress the balance by whole heartedly agreeing to go to the final of the national final of a piano competition being held here in Shepparton. And in truth, it was a fantastic evening. It was a joy to see the three young finalists playing with confidence, flair and most importantly, skill. How could they play these long complex pieces of music without a score in front of them? And I thought to myself, I have written so often about pressure kicks for goal being missed. Well there was real pressure here too as the three strove to make an impression on the judges. I have little theoretical knowledge of music but I do enjoy seeing musicians who really are at the top of their game. I couldn’t pick the winner, my wife did, but at least, based on one performance it must be said, I did pick the overall winner of the best player of Bach. The real pressure to me though was the ability to play crashing chords, arpeggios and then pianissimo during the course of any particular piece.  One bad run of chords could ruin a whole performance. That was pressure! By the way this was broadcast live on ABC Fine Music FM.

As was pointed out by a recent guest contributor to the Oz, though, the big difference between elite sport and elite music, say, is that apart from the fact that in this instance (and this is a big “apart from”) three pianists were in competition for the major prize and the recognition that went with it, if you knew the music, even allowing for any possible improvisations, you knew how any particular piece would end. In sport you don’t, unless you include the Freo Geelong game, and it is the difference which ultimately makes it for me at least the more exciting event.

So I did not know that Sydney had gone 30 points up but that the really gutsy Bulldogs had fought back with ironically, Barry Hall playing a major role in this. He is everything to the Bulldogs that Fevola wasn’t for Brisbane. This result has to have been one of the Western Bulldogs greatest moments in recent years. As for Sydney, well it was really unfortunate that they didn’t live to see another day but I reckon that KIrk and Roos were ornaments to the game and that it was fitting and right that the Western Bulldogs stayed back to applaud Kirk off the ground. This was Australian sportsmanship at its best. I don’t think that the Bullies will go any further but after Saturday night I guess anything is possible.

My down moment for the week was that the NRL finals weren’t broadcast live by some one at least. I rail against the AFL for their hopeless TV arrangements, The NRL is worse.

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