View From Shepparton: My worst fear is that the Pies will win the flag

This week The View comes via sunny Palm Cove in Far North Queensland.

Collingwood are definitely the big winners, Port Adelaide the big losers (again).

Have to hand it to the Magpies, just too good for the Adelaide Pissants and that is that. A week or three ago I foreshadowed the great Adelaide crash and though some intervening matches such as the narrow loss to Geelong, (what’s the currency of that now) made me do a rethink I think that their slide to oblivion is now on. Still, that isn’t fair to Collingwood, they were demonstrably much the superior team playing the Crows at home. Interesting that yet another Lions reject was their best player but good luck to Cameron Wood as well for coming good. He has certainly had his share of detractors.

I am glad that I am up here at Palm Cove and not in South Australia trying to coach Port Adelaide. At SANFL level  they used to be the powerhouse of South Australian footy yet once again at this level  they could not deliver when it counted. Freo also tease us. You think that at long last they might be on the verge of something big but then they too are so inconsistent.

Now to the big one, Essendon v Brisbane. Well my mob got out of jail but it shouldn’t have been like that. Depending on which way you look at it, that spoil on Brown late in the second quarter was either a magnificent bit of defence or Brown really stuffed it up particularly given the player sitting on his lonesome in the goal square. One never knows of course but I reckon that had that goal been slotted the Dons were gone. It was a great game but I prefer greatness in that sense not to be a part of the Brisbane scene. Far be it from me to disagree with Voss the Boss but I can’t agree with his sentiments to the effect that it doesn’t matter how accurately Brown kicks when one considers the benefits of all of the other attributes of his game to the Lions. I think that it matters heaps, 5 points as against 5 goals is very telling.

Anyway the Lions are now fifth and might be fourth after next week. Bad luck for Fletcher to give away that free although he had no alternative if he was going to stop Bradshaw from marking. Otherwise Fletcher had a great game.

The Western Bulldogs lost a match that really counted, as well,which thus makes this week’s game against Brisbane one with real bite. Just hope that Aker doesn’t feel that he can settle some old scores by being the best player in the better team and thus perform his kissing the turf routine. Given the Eagles’ win, perhaps Western Australian footy is really on the rebound. No one can take either the Eagles or the Dockers lightly now.

I had thought previously that Geelong hadn’t had much to worry about as no one could expect them to keep winning, but now, according to many pundits, they are Essendon 2001 all over again with St Kilda to be the big winners this time. On the form shown on the weekend would have to say that I do wonder. Carlton were just far too good and ditto the depeleted St Kilda against Hawthorn.

Sydney could yet make the eight, who would have thought that?

Apart from North Melbourne and Melbourne supporters, no one really cared much about that game although tanking again raised its ugly head.

My worst fear is that Collingwood could yet win this year’s flag.

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  1. Lol
    Sorry but haters are just JEALOUS!! :p

  2. Peter Schumacher says

    Yeah it’s a real nightmare!!!

  3. Geoff Nixon says

    Funnily enough that is also my nightmare. To their credit though, when Adel went 15 points up, Coll stepped it up with pressure and class and just wore Adel down to take the game. Very impressive. I’ve had the view that while they played Marty Clarke, Shane O’Bree and Harry O’Brien, they wouldn’t push for a flag. I’ve changed my view on Harry O. The guy doesn’t make a mistake and is realiable every time he touches the ball.

    Thank god the Saints have got their eye on the prize.

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