The View from Shepparton – Round 22

by Peter Schumacher

Don’t like the notion that some teams might have been playing dead in this round, notably St Kilda and Geelong. If that proves to be true, (and outside observers like myself would never know) then I hope that they both go out in straight sets.

Meanwhile in the real or unreal world, depending one one’s degree of cynicism, there were some great games in this last round.

The first that comes to mind is the Port Richmond game. How much closer could the Power have come to losing that lead in the last quarter, and what a fightback it would have been from the Tigers after being 59 points down. Port could have felt somewhat snakey about it though after some very obvious frees in their forward area when they were in full flight having just gone to the 59 point lead at the beginning of the third quarter were not paid. Try as I might I could not buy the hype on Cousins though. Everyone would want to see this bloke get free of his addictions but now his real test has started. Nevertheless though one would have to had a heart of stone not to be moved by images of his family as the match finished and he was chaired off, with the Port players staying back to acknowledge his footy career. Back to the game itself though, one could feel the crowd lifting as the Richmond came oh so close to pulling off one of the great comebacks. I reckon that on the strength of this game Richmond have a lot to look forward to next year but that Port do as well as they certainly in the end finished the season on a high note. By the way, just back to Cousins again I thought that it was great sportsmanship for Mick Malthouse to be present at this final point in his career.

I had hoped that Josh Fraser would play really well having at last been given his two hundredth game but it wasn’t to be. He won’t play AFL footy again. What a come back by the Hawks, though. And there is no doubt about it, Collingwood’s goal kicking yips could yet be very costly, bring back Jack Anthony! Meanwhile Lance was in great form again. I reckon that Hawthorn could yet be a force this year but getting over Freo at home won’t be easy.

It was a great game at Subiaco, too. I was absolutely barracking for Freo because of the slagging they got for their previous week’s effort. By the way, those who notice an inconsistency in my attitude to Freo playing dead last week viz a viz Geelong and St Kilda this week are entirely correct but that’s life. I would really like to see Freo do Hawthorn, it’s the Kennett factor you see. Thought at various times that Carlton might get up but they were never quite there. Sandilands is such a good player now, his presence is essential to any further progress that the Dockers might make. Just love their club song too!

Don’t care what the cynics say, Adelaide were clearly too good for the Saints. If I were a St Kilda supporter I wouldn’t be too rapt in their performance whereas Adelaide have a lot to look forward to next year.

Unlike my lot. At least the fact that they lost gave Sydney a home final which is a good thing for the game. This Fevola thing with his has messed up the whole club and Michael Voss is lucky that he has some sort of god like status at the club or people would be frowning in his direction as well. But to be positive, this Kieren Jack is starting to be a real star and he is home bred as well. Roos and his team are having a red hot go  and I hope that they win next week. Still despite losing, Carlton will still be a hard side to beat.

Geelong were always going to be too good for the West Coast at home but the latter did well to be in it at half time. Gazza played another blinder, will he won’t he!? Not sure what West Coast have to look forward to next year.

North Melbourne and Melbourne both finished the season on a positive note I reckon even though the Demons lost. North were “only” out of the eight on percentage. I suppose 20% is a fair “only” though.

The Western Bulldogs had to beat Essendon and they did, no surprise there. All this proved is that protestations of undying love mean nothing in this real world of AFL with Knights being sacked yesterday. I can’t understand why Mark Williams is being talked up as a replacement, sure he is very experienced but at the end of the day this experience did the Power no good at all, so why should it at Don Land.

On matters cricket we shouldn’t be surprised that gambling is taking over the game when viewers are virtually begged to take a bet by TV broadcasters.

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  1. Nice article Peter. As a Freo member with an ingrained loathing for most things Wet Toast, including one B. Cousins, I was quietly chuffed to see the footy gods rightly deny that one last win. Cruel, I know, but I saw his shenanigans firsthand here in the West. Anyway, tuned in after half time and you nailed it with this comment:

    “Port could have felt somewhat snakey about it though after some very obvious frees in their forward area when they were in full flight having just gone to the 59 point lead at the beginning of the third quarter were not paid”

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