The View from Shepparton – Round 16

By Peter Schumacher

Have been so traumatised by the ascent of Collingwood to the top the ladder that I have been unable to to sit down and think about footy at all. The only consolation I have is that every Magpie follower in the land will go through unbearable and long periods of insecurity as they wonder how long this will last. On the other hand I suppose that this applies to all of footydom.

Oh well, have to admit that it was a great win against the Saints, who I understand are blaming the effects of last week’s game at the apparently concrete surfaced Gabba for their demise. No wonder Brisbane can’t win anything this year, and here I was thinking that injuries were their main problem. But what caused the injuries in the first place? Anyway the much vaunted St Kilda defence proved to be no match for their opponents this week. The truth is that the Pies looked like a really good side with Thomas and Swan in particular being easy to notice.

Adelaide looked really good against Geelong who are however  entitled to have a down day every so often, better now than in September. I don’t think that Adelaide can make the eight but they certainly are at the moment more than spoilers. Tippet could have ruined the party with the frees he gave away in the goal square. Adelaide’s no name players whose names I thus cannot remember played OK. Seemed to be awfully young and talented, a  few of them. This was a really great game to watch as Adelaide answered every challenge put up to them. They were relentless in their approach to ball. I thought that after Geelong had scored the first couple of goals that it would be another Adelaide belting. So happy to have been proved wrong.

Which is more than I can say for my team as they were thrashed by that team with no mates, the Buddyless Hawthorn. If Brisbane had had wheels to fall off it wouldn’t have been so bad but as the wheels had already fallen off for the season it would be just a matter of time before the rest of the machine  disintegrated. I had thought after they were 4 zip up that even if they did lose a few they only needed to win eight or nine of the last 18 games to make the finals, but no hope of that.  Fortunately this game was somewhere overseas in Van Dieman’s Land so I was spared the detail. I see though that they nearly won the  last quarter.

The Powerless again got off to a good start but went nowhere, the Bulldogs reeling them in without too much effort. This was an OK effort by the Bulldogs though, Lake played another good gamer and perhaps Cooney might be running back into form.

The West Coast at last won away from home. LeCras getting 12 goals was an outstanding feat given that one of his opponents was Fletcher who normally never gives anything away. The Bombers have reached an all time low this year. Like another great club at the turn of the century, Brisbane, they have slipped from the heights of yesteryear and there is no saying when they will come back. All we are left with are dimming memories. Hope that they West Coast beat Carlton next week so that Adelaide can get a look in.

Sydney had a good away win too easily accounting for Carlton. So many teams looked so good a few weeks back and The Blues are one of these, you know, fast slick young forwards. Can’t understand what has happened there although for Sydney the fact that Goodes has found some form at last and that Shaw might have found a niche in the forward line were certainly important aspects of this game.

Richmond’s bubble has burst unfortunately, just when they were starting to get interesting. After a bad start North Melbourne are just out of the eight, a situation nobody would have bet on a few weeks back.

It shouldn’t come a surprise that Freo were pushed by Melbourne, after all the Dees have twice had Collingwood on the ropes this year. For interstate football though it was a huge relief that Freo got up. Jurrah for Melbourne started to show some glimpses.

Australia prevailed against Pakistan. Hurrah!.

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  1. I’m from Van Diemen’s land Peter and was at the game. It is quite challenging getting up the flights of stairs to the Hawk stand with a ball and chain. Brisbane were extremely disappointing.

    Brown looked short of a gallop. I was hoping he would dominate but they stopped his supply effectively. Was their best forward.

    Fev chased a bit but the delivery to him was poor. Only one good pass all day, if I remember correctly.

    They will miss Black when he retires. They did on Saturday. They got belted around the ground and at stoppages.

    Without prejudice I hope their slump continues for this week at Catville.

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