View From Shepparton: Dominant Saints prompt disappointing Crows to revert to type

By Peter Schumacher St Kilda are definitely the team to beat now, no doubt about that. Adelaide will quite possibly slide out of the eight. That they reverted to their instincts of trying to close down the game when the going got tough in the second quarter was very disappointing. I guess that as an [Read more]

AFL Round 15: View From Shepparton

By Peter Schumacher I suppose  that I should feel elated over Brisbane’s win over Geelong and I guess that I do. In fact I found watching the telecast really gripping as I waited for the inevitable Geelong fightback, but wait … it was not happening. Yet I could not get around the fact that this [Read more]

View From Shepparton: AFL Round 13

By Peter Schumacher Well this was a pretty straightforward round in terms of expected results;  indeed in one tipping competition I picked 7 winners. The Lions continue to look good but given their opponents this was not difficult. In fact I reckon that Brisbane,  and Geelong for that matter, could have been a little upset [Read more]

View From Shepparton: Round 12: Geelong win reminds me of barracking for the Croweaters

By Peter Schumacher It seems eons ago when Dean Laidley resigned as coach of the Shinboners. Indeed I can scarcely remember the name of his replacement. Barry Crocker wasn’t it? No that’s right it’s Darren Crocker. Anyway it’s hard to believe that the guy has yet to coach his first North Melbourne game. Such is [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: We deserve a better go from telly stations

By Peter Schumacher As Round 12 wends its way through our consciousness the main issues for “The View” are old and recurring but they are: •         Has the AFL ever heard of soccer? •         Who is more unpopular, the banks, Networks 7 and 10, or the AFL? •         Is it the worst case of corporate [Read more]

View from Shepparton: Round 8

By Peter Schumacher I reckon the the games in Sydney and Adelaide prove that footy is the best code of all. A few years ago Kevin Sheedy asked why people would be bothered watching a game where one or two goals might be scored when they could watch our game and see many goals being [Read more]

The view from Shepparton: Round 6

By Peter Schumacher Who is the most tragic footballer in the AFL: the Fev or Matthew Richardson?  I reckon after last week’s effort the gong would have to give it to Fev, although Richo has an imposing record. My wife and I stopped in our tracks spellbound as Fevola’s  last mark was called so well [Read more]

So good to see brilliant Cats live. Yes, live!

By Peter Schumacher If I were a Geelong supporter I wouldn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I mean, how did they ever manage to lose the grand final? On Saturday night they were magnificent. Even Neil Craig, who I reckon is really fair in his analysis of the way his side is playing, said that [Read more]