Almanac Poetry: Grandfatherly Metaphysics

This week’s poem from Kevin Densley involves his maternal grandfather’s backyard shed. “Its walls were lined with empty bottles,” according to KD.

“The full ones didn’t last very long.”

Love in the Time of Coronavirus

An allegorical story by E. regnans in which the empathetic Andre identifies, describes and lives out a way of being.

Sledging: Todd (Gleisner), Agnew, Jackson, Haigh, Lalor, Dahl, Arlott and Plato

From January 2015: “Sledging is back in the sporting discourse once again, after Jonathan Agnew’s spirited opinion piece earlier this week. David Wilson injects a lil’ bit o’ Plato to the debate.” The more things change…

The Ashes 2015 – Third Test, Day 1: Swing, 1997, Mr Anderson; the consolations of Hegel

Heavy skies over Edgbaston. Despite heroic CJL Rogers simplicity, it is Mr Anderson and England who steal this cricketing day. Amid the ruinous sporting landscape, DJ Wilson seeks (and finds) the consolation of philosophy. [Hegel is a handy team member, ER – JTH]

Short essay: Love, Teaching and the Renewal of the Common World

Dips O’Donnell has stumbled across a little gem, in of all places the St Kevins newsletter.

Perhaps footy isn’t the answer to everything?

Music’s coming out of the speakers; the dog is stretching out behind me making funny noises, I’m sipping from my bottle of lemon ice tea and I am bored. And sick. I’ve been sick for a couple of weeks now, the day of the Thursday night Carlton v Brisbane Lions game was the first day [Read more]