Almanac Footy (and Racing): The Benefit of a St Kevin’s Education

As revellers prepare for the SKOB’s Grand Final Luncheon and a weekend of VAFA grand finals, John Harms considers the benefit of a St Kevin’s education.

Short essay: Love, Teaching and the Renewal of the Common World

Dips O’Donnell has stumbled across a little gem, in of all places the St Kevins newsletter.

VAFA: Parkdale are not Catholics

I have cancelled all my Saturday morning appointments for three weeks. Better to be prepared for any combination of results of our three semi-final sides than have to rearrange both patients and staff. So it was down to Sandringham to watch our beloved Roys. I missed the first ten minutes of the Thirds, but I [Read more]

Drysa White Hot as Blacks Jump to Top Spot

SKOBS RISE ABOVE THE BLACKS’ MOONLIGHT CLOUD Whenever the Blacks come up against St Kevins, there is a flurry of pre-match correspondence. Players from both teams receive messages from friends and family during the week that convey how deeply important a win would be to their respective club. In the lead-up to this week’s instalment, the [Read more]