Echoes of Dreamland: on footy and footy writing and 2018

As a teenager, David Wilson (as one of 1200) sang the hymn “Forty Years On” each year at school. Its “echoes of dreamland” live in 2018.
On footy, history, place, story, responsibility. Follow-up!

Sledging: Todd (Gleisner), Agnew, Jackson, Haigh, Lalor, Dahl, Arlott and Plato

From January 2015: “Sledging is back in the sporting discourse once again, after Jonathan Agnew’s spirited opinion piece earlier this week. David Wilson injects a lil’ bit o’ Plato to the debate.” The more things change…

Footy philosophy: Australian Rules v AFL, sport v business, Plato

David Wilson hears the angst around tanking/ fixturing/ drugs/ booing/ trade rules/ the place of the maverick footballer and offers up Plato. Maybe the Australian Rules football ideal is incompatible with the AFL and its clubs..?

Second Test, Pakistan v Australia (Abu Dhabi) – Day 4: Broken

David Wilson took the time and interest to review Australia’s “efforts” on Day 4 of the Test against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi. Much more interest than the players really.