Almanac Books: ‘The One That Got Away: Travelling in the Time of Covid’ by Ken Haley

Walkley-winning journalist and author Ken Haley has been involved with the Almanac for a long time. His new book ‘The One That Got Away: Travelling in the Time of Covid’ is released today (Nov 1).

Almanac Life: The Grandfather

As he emerges from the fog of general anaesthetic, Smokie observes a fellow patient trying to cope with harsh reality of life’s wider struggles.


Seven months ago, in March 2020, ‘Smokie’ Dawson offered these thoughts as we moved into the full brunt of Covid-19. ‘Our generation has had a charmed run, says Smokie. But that is all about to change. It follows that the AFL will also be forced into change when we come out the other side of COVID-19. ‘

Evading Father Time: Kade Simpson and Jimmy Anderson

Shane Thomas reflects on the sense of comfort in this trying time, borne of watching two sporting greats who continue to duck and weave around the grips of Father Time: Jimmy Anderson and Kade Simpson.

Almanac Life: Masked Melbourne and a Swans thought

During a pleasant walk by the Lake Oval on a beautiful Melbourne day Jan Courtin came across a decorated old tree inspiring her to pen a poem. Not such a pleasant day for her Swans though!

Day 107 – Time of Coronavirus

Another day in the life of ER in the time of coronavirus so eloquently told in his inimitable style.

Round 5 – Haiku Bob: second wave

Tough times ahead according to Haiku Bob as his hopes for his team fade as Covid 19 takes off again.

Round 4 – GWS v Collingwood: Empathy for the Magpie

After witnessing Jeremy Howe’s horror knee injury on Friday night, Alex Darling felt a heavy layer of empathy. His time spent unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic meant he slid a little bit closer to understanding the gruelling months that lay ahead of Howe.

Equinox to solstice and the Time of Coronavirus

E.regnans walks on through the Time of Coronavirus with U2 in his ears. He ponders a thousand thoughts.

Round 2 – Haiku Bob: the new normal

Haiku Bob rides again, his words this time reflect on the performance of the Pies out of the coronavirus wilderness.

Football in the Time of COVID: The Great Match

O Tecnico makes his Almanac debut with this account of a footy season. Not a very long one. And with a unique way of playing.

Almanac Life: The Age of Corona

This Age of Corona is not the first as John Harms recalls.

What are you Missing?

Jan Courtin has found many positives in this period of isolation. She describes them here and she wonders what others have enjoyed about this very different time. [Superb effort with the transcribing Jan – JTH]

Blindsided: a conversation overheard in a socially-distanced Adelaide meeting room

Dave Brown must have been hiding behind a strategically place pot plant (read that however you want to) when this conversation was held earlier today.

Almanac Life (and book review): ‘The Plague’ by Albert Camus

Albert Camus’ masterpiece ‘The Plague’ can be viewed as a metaphor for life, just as the coronavirus pandemic can, suggests David Wilson in his articulate and enlightening discourse.

#almanac280 ‘COVID-19’ writing competition: we have a winner (two actually)

Thanks for your entries in the latest #almanac280 writing competition. Another small feast of creativity.

Almanac Writing Competition – #almanac280: COVID-19

A new writing challenge for those who are Twitter inclined, or for those who just value brevity. But hurry! This comp closes 6pm Thursday.

The 2020 Good For Football Cup – Round 7

Brought to you from the banana lounge in my backyard with the assistance of neighbours’ lawnmower and circular saw. [Earl’s imagined footy comp keeps rolling – Ed]

Almanac Life: Education In Isolation

Parent of young kids, Luke Reynolds has come up with a cracker curriculum in these times of home schooling! [A deadset Almanac classic – Ed]

Just a single act threw me

A snapshot of the different but connected loves in the time of coronavirus from Les Currie.