Almanac Cricket: A common sense guide to sledging

Craig Dodson considers sledging in cricket after recent incidents and recalls his own experiences playing the game. Here he has put together some guidelines for what he thinks is appropriate on the pitch.

Almanac Lunch: Odd Friday Lunch with Alec Epis

Don’t miss the next Odd Friday Lunch with ‘Dons legend Alec Epis, who’ll be chatting wine, footy and la dolce vita on the 9th of March

Sledging: Todd (Gleisner), Agnew, Jackson, Haigh, Lalor, Dahl, Arlott and Plato

From January 2015: “Sledging is back in the sporting discourse once again, after Jonathan Agnew’s spirited opinion piece earlier this week. David Wilson injects a lil’ bit o’ Plato to the debate.” The more things change…

Only Australia Sledges the Opposition…

Much has been said about the appearance of a lack of grace or class within the current Australian Cricket team. Pat White, from Cricket Froth brings a new angle to the discussion. [And pictures that add a new dimension to the discussion. – Ed]

The Aussies: Fast, Brilliant, Creative, Daring and in the Final. (So why can’t I like them?)

Sean Curtain respects – but doesn’t like – the way the Australian cricket team go about their work on the field. Moreso after moments in Thursday evening’s Australia v India ICC World Cup semi-final.

The Boys of Summer are Back

It was the first day of a new cricket season for Callum O’Connor. Plenty of time for inventing new player nicknames and contemplating whether sibling rivalry trumps team success.

The passing of the baton: What Mark Waugh and I now have in common

Sean “Faded” (the forgotten) Curtain’s passing the baton of cricketing achievement from father to son.

Sledging – Don’t single out cricket

Matt Watson reckons sledging is a fact of life, and we should suck it up. See if you agree with him, or if you reckon he’s just a …………………………..

Australia back on the path to grateness

Jeff Dowsing discusses whether victory in the end justifies sometimes distasteful means.

VFL – Collingwood v Northern Blues: PC sledging and a ripper game at Cramer Street

After watching a laborious game on Friday night, Jeff Dowsing’s faith in footy was restored by the VFL and some classic sledging.

How to be sexist and get away with it

Pete Edwards says the First Bloke walked a fine line during his recent talk on men’s health ‘s but the response was over the top. (This article is tongue in cheek.)