Almanac Footy: Remembering The Seventies – Carlton Full-Forward Peter McKenna

Collingwood great Peter McKenna spent a season with the Carlton Football Club in 1977. Warren Tapner examines McKenna’s time at the club in his report that first appeared on the Blueseum website in 2015.

Round 10 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide: I’m officially a Collingwood tosser! (Floreat Pica Society)

For the first time since Round 17, 1973, Ramon Dobb was officially invited onto the playing surface of the MCG. Here’s his report for the Floreat Pica Society.

Almanac Footy Memoir – VFL Grand Final 1970: It’s the Vibe

Fifty years ago! Mark Poustie makes an impressive Almanac debut with this fine piece on attending the 1970 Grand Final with his father and brother. Philosophical reflection, description, history and comment all come together in this beaut memoir. [Welcome Mark – JTH]

Almanac History: Moratorium

The Moratorium March, Royalty at the footy, the VFL’s first ever Sunday match, and VFL Park’s first game; 1970 was certainly a happening year for many things political- and footy-wise. This insightful piece from Glen was posted a couple of years ago and this past weekend marked the 50th anniversary of the Moratorium March. [Well worth remembering – Ed.]

The Baan Baa Richmond Supporters Club

Stainless pens a story about a loved sister, the sole supporter of the Baan Baa Richmond Supporters Club.

Moon Landing – A Football(in)g Space

Glen! takes us to the moon and back as he contemplates 50 years since the first Moon landing. For old times’ sake, he also reminds us of what was happening in the VFL that week. (Ah, memories… – Ed.!)

Floreat Pica: The Magpie Faithful – a morning with the legendary Peter McKenna

Ramon Dobb spent a morning in Magpie Heaven, as he attended he attended a CFC Past Players event featuring legendary Pie spearhead Peter McKenna.

1971 – Vic v SA (MCG): A New Record

The Victorian public’s interest in state football was at an all-time high in June 1971, as both sides were filled with names that resonate to this day. Swish has annotated that game’s Football Record and has obtained some memories from one of the SA participants.

Time to ruffle some feathers!

Time for the Bombers to ruffle some Magpie feathers says Col.

Almanac Memoir – The Tracks of my Tears

“I buried my face in the pages of the Football Record and I cried as frustration washed through me. If you think the disappointment of being bundled out of the finals in 2013, 14 and 15 was bad then you didn’t experience the disappointment of the last round of the 1966 season. The gut-wrenching emotion of that last game had me in tears.”

Almanac Teams – Super 6s: Standing on the Shoulders of a Giant

The number 6 has special significance to Phil Dimitriadis, thanks to his beloved brother Tim.

The Odd Friday Lunch with Peter McKenna

Peter McKenna joins us this Friday afternoon at the Odd Friday Lunch at North Fitzroy Arms. Join the Hall Of Famer for all things Collingwood, modern footy and Hey, Hey it’s Saturday.

50 Years On – What Else Happened on This Day?

Grand Final week 1966 was not only a glorious time for St Kilda but as Warwick Nolan points out, other interesting football and sporting events were happening at the same time.

Era, era on the wall; 1967-1976

The late 60s and early 70s are the Golden Years of footy for many VFL fans. In Jeff Dowsing’s latest look at Grand Final eras, the years 1967 to 1976 would see a revolution in how the game was played after Barassi’s Blues and their use handball engineered possibly the greatest comeback in VFL Grand Final history. Carlton, Richmond, Hawthorn and North fans; this is your era.

Some Of My Footy Firsts

We all have childhood footy-related memories that stay with us for a lifetime; your trip to a footy game, your visit to the ‘G, kick-to-kick at school lunchtimes and that first specky over the top of the pack. Wesley Hull recalls a moment we can all identify with; the passion of collecting footy cards and being presented with your first footy jumper, knitted by Nan.

Remembering my first game

As Magpie fan Frank Gleeson remembers his first VFL game he shows us the footy world through a first-timer’s eyes.

The game that had everything

  Collingwood’s 50 Most Sensational Games Round 11 1972 Collingwood   3.4.22   5.5.35   15.8.98   23.10.148 Essendon        2.2.14   7.9.51   8.12.60     13.15.93 VENUE: Victoria Park DATE: Saturday 12 June CROWD: 42,200 UMPIRE: Coates COLLINGWOOD B         Britt              Clifton                  Dunne HB     Salmon         Potter       O’Callaghan C         Oborne          Price              Atkinson HF      McOrist         Gott               Greening F          Jenkin        McKenna    Wearmouth FOLL  Thompson, M [Read more]