Almanac (Footy) History: Polly’s Folly

Graham “Polly” Farmer was many things; a revolutionary innovator of handball skills, brilliant ruck and legend of the game…he also once made a claim that with hindsight can only be described as a howler. Warwick Nolan on when WA met Tasmania in 1970.

Almanac Footy History: 50 Years On – Hawthorn’s Nadir, May 1970

It’s a question that has bugged Warwick Nolan for 50 years! What on earth happened to Hawthorn in that 12 months between May 1970 and May 1971?

Almanac Footy History: 50 Years On – Richmond Little League 1967

Remember this from earlier in the year?

It will be precisely fifty years ago this Saturday to the day – May 13th – that the VFL Little League made its fourteen minute half time debut at VFL football grounds. Blair Campbell was coach, Warwick Nolan was in the yellow and black

Where are they now? Does anyone know?

50 Years On – What Else Happened on This Day?

Grand Final week 1966 was not only a glorious time for St Kilda but as Warwick Nolan points out, other interesting football and sporting events were happening at the same time.

50 Years On – The 1966 Footy Cards

Warwick Nolan discusses the 1966 Scanlen’s Footy Card series with a few interesting insights.

50 Years On – The Final Round 1966

Saints scramble home in the last game of the season to cement their place the 1966 finals.

50 Years On – Brunswick Street Ground

Warwick Nolan takes us back to 1966, with a fantastic account of Fitzroy’s final ever VFL game at the Brunswick St Oval in the penultimate round of the season. A game Carl Ditterich will remember for all the wrong reasons. [50 year anniversary occasion will be marked at Brunswick Street Oval TOMORROW (Saturday), where Fitzroy play Old Scotch in a crucial VAFA Premier B clash – Ed].

Anzac Day 1966

Warwick Nolan recalls ANZAC Day 1966, when a 10 year old journeys to the MCG to watch his Saints do battle with Melbourne

1966 St.Kilda Premiership Reunion – 5 Years On

Warwick Nolan writes poignantly of the reunion of 1966 St Kilda premiership players that was held 5 years ago. A celebration of player’s achievements or fan’s memories? The toughest contests are not always on the field.

One Question for Max Papley

Daryl Baldock was a genius across many sports, not just footy. Warwick Nolan enquires if anyone has heard of Max Papley who partnered the great man to win a ‘double wicket’ cricket tournament in the 60’s.