Almanac Golf: House Rules

Mark Poustie recalls improvised games of golf in the lounge room and his family’s backyard – always creative, sometimes dangerous, and not without the odd catastrophe!

Almanac Cricket: Chopper’s Big Day Out

Mark Poustie tells the story of a mighty Div 6 grand final in the Eastern Cricket Association (but could be anywhere) when Chopper overcomes the agony of a blow to the Jatz Crackers to at least get himself to the crease. [A fine account – JTH]

Almanac Obituary: Erik Pootjes

It took him a while to get around to writing it, but Mark Poustie’s obituary for his friend Erik Pootjes is a tale of friendship bonded by a mutual love of rock climbing.

Almanac (Country) Golf: Bridgewater on Loddon in the 1970s and today

Mark Poustie once roamed the greens of Bridgewater on Loddon (just outside Bendigo) with great frequency. He recalls a different time with pigs and semi-trailers as hazards…though the green fees remain a steal!

Almanac Footy Memoir – VFL Grand Final 1970: It’s the Vibe

Fifty years ago! Mark Poustie makes an impressive Almanac debut with this fine piece on attending the 1970 Grand Final with his father and brother. Philosophical reflection, description, history and comment all come together in this beaut memoir. [Welcome Mark – JTH]