Almanac Golf: We can win this

The first golf team – P. Flynn, Medium Dazza Smith, Jake Norton (of the Wandering Eye) and JTH – to represent The Footy Almanac ventured to Barwon Heads. Here’s what happened. [First published 2012]

Round 19 – Geelong v Western Bulldogs: Time Stands Still in Cat country

Boundary Rider celebrates a Geelong night, glorying in the careers of two favourite sons, and happy to be part of a community happy in its own skin and in its own time warp.

The Ashes 2015 – 10 Things I learned about Cardiff and the First Test

Citrus Bob Utber leaves Cardiff with a somewhat heavy heart after Australia’s loss in the first test. It’s odds-on that while he has great affection for the Welsh, he won’t be missing their ‘cuisine.’

Where in the world is P. Flynn now?

Here’s the evidence that he’s been at Wimbledon…but will he make it to Cardiff?

The Almanackers: F is for Flynn

PJF wandered into a bar one day…

Ronnie’s 147

April 21, 1997. I’m playing pool with Previous Ann in a smoky Galway boozer. Previous again demonstrates her prowess on the baize by nailing the black. I’m left to ponder how I’ve been rolled again. She can play this girl. Sadly, I can’t. Discussion quickly turns to the prospect of devouring chips and curry sauce [Read more]