Almanac Cricket – (The) Adelaide Oval Test XI: a backhand for (the) Don

Dave Brown continues his excellent series with the ‘Best Australian XI at Adelaide Oval’, both all-time and then solely against Pakistan. For balance, he also includes Pakistan’s best at the same venue.

The ‘Mankad’: conduct unbecoming?

What a lousy way to be dismissed! Ravi Ashwin “Mankads” Jos Buttler in IPL overshadowing Steve Smith’s return to international cricket. What do you think of Ashwin’s actions? [This new discussion is followed by Dave Brown’s piece on the issue from 2016 – Ed)

Almanac Teams: The ultimate Adelaide Oval Ashes performers

Dave Brown lines up the best Ashes performances at Adelaide Oval. Who knew England had so many left arm finger spinners? And what is the correct number of Arthurs for an Australian team?

Almanac Teams: The ultimate Gabba Ashes performers

Not so much a funny team as two extraordinary ones as Dave Brown picks two XIs based upon outstanding one-off performances at the Gabba

Almanac (Big Bash) Cricket: NYE in Adelaide Oval’s Bay 134

“If KFC was available at Adelaide Oval I’d buy thirty-eight pieces, inhale them and wipe the grease through the hair of my loved ones.” Just one of a number of cracking lines in Mickey Randall’s account of Adelaide’s New Year’s Eve Big Bash. [Again Mickey, you’ve gone early with noms for Line of the Year – my other fave is the dig at the selectors. JTH]

Almanac Cricket: “Is this your fifty, mate?” A day at the Sheffield Shield

Tbone proves that a day out at the Sheffield Shield is worth more than the admission price.

The Ashes 2015 – Momentum and the Ashes

With the fourth Ashes test getting underway on Thursday evening Andrew Starkie looks at the intriguing shifts in momentum we’ve seen across the series so far. England has it at the moment. Can they hold it?

Ashes 2015 – Second Test and Day 3 of The Open: Analysis, Banter and Memory

Thoughts on Day 4 of the cricket and Day 3 of the golf?

The Ashes 2015 – Second Test Preview: There are spies everywhere

Citrus Bob Utber went to the Lord’s pre-Test press conference. Here’s his view of proceedings and of the phenomenon generally. [Nice observations Citrus Bib – Ed]

The Ashes 2015 – 10 Things I learned about Cardiff and the First Test

Citrus Bob Utber leaves Cardiff with a somewhat heavy heart after Australia’s loss in the first test. It’s odds-on that while he has great affection for the Welsh, he won’t be missing their ‘cuisine.’

The Ashes 2015 – First Test, Day 4: England Crunches Aussies

Citrus Bob has filed his analysis of Day Four of the First Test. It wasn’t pretty and Citrus calls for changes.

Cardiff Test – England v Australia, Day 1: Cymryd eich eiliadau (take your moments)

A life, a game, is comprised of moments.

2015 ICC world Cup: “Two Drunks Walk Onto a pitch…”

Amidst the Kiwi’s huge sigh of relief and the Australians left to ponder what could have been after Saturday’s cracking ICC World Cup match at Eden Park, John Butler argues that there’s little to come out of this match that would have the South African’s or the Indian losing much sleep.

MCG Test, Australia v India – Day Two: The Bradman-esque Compiler of Runs

Bob Utber ponders why Victorian cricket has fallen off the pace while watching Steve Smith, Brad Haddin and Ryan Harris wrest control of the third Test from out of India’s grasp

MCG Test, Australia v India – Day Two: Sinking Popeye

Rulebook’s take on day three; some exquisite stroke play from Steve Smith, while MS Dhoni’s captaincy leaves everyone scratching their heads.

Ashes Review: Over no. 78 and the Seinfeld moment – how an over of nothing told us everything about the series.

Perceptive analysis from Sean Curtain who analyses the over in which England did less than nothing, thereby symbolising their five test ‘effort’.

Sydney Test – Day 3: Travelling well

John Harms wins the fight for the car radio and considers the Ashes summer as it comes to its end.

Man of the series – the match saver

Matt Watson makes a persuasive case for Brad Haddin as the Man of the Series, despite the deeds of St Mitch. Hard to argue with. Tell us what you think.

5th Test-Day 1: When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Luke Reynolds waxes lyrical about Irish cricket. Brad Haddin and Steve Smith batted brilliantly to save Australia from……… What’s their name again?

Adelaide Test – Day 2: The Limits of Grind

Peter Baulderstone’s joy at England’s humiliation in Adelaide, has been matched in recent memory only by the Dockers implosion on Grand Final day. Are there common causes in their joyless approach to the game?