The Ashes 2015 – 10 Things I learned about Cardiff and the First Test


Seems this is the way to go in today’s society that you must have learnt something each day. Much of it known beforehand by the wise.


1.  The Welsh are delightful people and always willing to help with a cheery smile and their singing at Sophia Gardens was fantastic.

2.  Shane Watson surely has played his last Test Match for Australia and that so many Australian supporters want him out. Remarkable

3.  If you sit with Australians all they want to know are the footy scores back home

4.  Brad Haddin’s sportsmanship must undermine his young and impressionable team mates.

5.  Welsh cuisine would have to be nearly the worst in the world. Soggy mush with little flavour. Even the locals cover everything with a variety of sauces to add both colour and flavour.

6.  The ubiquitous PJF can be found anywhere in the world except Galle and he is anti-Victorian. Fancy not wanting P.Siddle in the team. Rogers is a Sandgroper!

7.  Captain Cook has been awarded the title of Patron to the Friends of the Newport Cathedral Choir where he was a chorister. Something Davey Warner will never achieve

8.  Little did we hear of the wonderful (who says?) Australian chant on “Aussie,Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi” I even cringe writing it!

9.  Peter Neville is the reserve wicketkeeper for Australia not Ryan Carter.

10. The 12th, 13th and 14th men of both sides where on the ground for 3.7% of the entire match. Drinks for the bowler before and at the end of each over. Come on


About Bob Utber

At 84 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he has always done since growing up on a small farm at Lang Lang. Talking, watching and writing sport and in recent years writing books. He lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny) and a groodle named 'Chloe on Flinders' and can be found at Deakin 27 every day.


  1. No bigger oxymoron than ‘sportsmanship’ and Brad Haddin. He’s a pretty lippy unit for guy who’s there solely by virtue of Tim Paine and Matt Wade not having developed into Test Cricketers as better judges had hoped they would.

    If he gloved like he mouthed off, Joe Root might have been watching a bit more of England’s first innings from the pavilion. And if the English have any stones about them, every time Haddin tries to gob off, they’ll come back with “At least I didn’t drop the Ashes in 2015”.

  2. Citrus – no queries on our captain as yet? Are the Fleet Street hounds after him yet?

    Point 10 is a very good one. It drives me crazy all this constant toing and froing with water etc. They’re getting as bad as the runners in the AFL.

  3. Spot on Citrus, if point 8 could be applied around the world for an an eternity i would be a very happy Aussie.


  4. Rick Kane says

    re point 3 Citrus, let ém know the Hawks took on flag favs Freo, and crunched them to the tune of 70 points. Cheers

  5. E.regnans says

    Excellent observations CB.

    Point 10 gets on my goat.
    I’d love a time machine for (among other things) witnessing a day’s play from Victor Trumper’s day.
    Players and coaches seem to crib bit by bit, season after season, incrementally. The cumulative effect is that wholesale changes have been made to playing etiquette right under our noses.
    This can change back again. And should.

  6. Bob Utber says

    Should we start a campaign “it,s Just Not Cricket”?
    I might mention it at the ICC press conference at Lords today Dave.
    Sorry Dips nothing on Pup yet.

  7. daniel flesch says

    @ Glen ! I heard the obnoxious chant a couple of times and i never watched past lunch and not at all on the last day. Though in many ways i don’t care what the Poms or Taffies think of us , the sight of serried ranks of canary yellow baseball caps and those stupid chants (rare as they were , but not rare enough ) are all – ugh ! – embarrassing. And so’s the team at the moment just by the by .

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