Where in the world is P. Flynn now?

The oldest photos are at the top.

P. Flynn was in Ireland…


PJF Curragh2

Everyone gets on in Ireland.


PJF Curragh5

The 1993 Melbourne Cup winner.


PJF Curragh7

On hearing that Rick McIntosh is going to call the Irish Derby.


PJF Curragh8

Jack Hobbs, too good.


PJF Curragh9

William Buick brings Jack Hobbs back. P. Flynn at the bar already.


And then he took off to Norway, I think.

Then he was at Wimbedon…


P Flynn Wimbledon2015 2

Along with Corker and Old Mucker the Photographer Grant Andrea…

P Flynn Wimbledon2015 5

He watched Nick Krygios who was being Nick Krygios…

P Flynn Wimbledon2015 6

But the Fanatics got the better of him and he had to excuse himself for a while…

P Flynn Wimbledon2015 4

Will he make it Sophia Gardens in Wales?



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  1. Peter Flynn says

    Brilliant photos courtesy of Old Mate Grant Andrea.


  2. Yes, but where are you now P. Flynn? With evidence?

  3. I reckon these photos were taken in the same studio as the moon landing.

    No Fat Yak over there old mate?

  4. Rick Kane says

    Flynny, you look at home wherever you are … holding a beer and going the barrack!


  5. Where did Herbert Sutcliffe finish?

  6. bob utber says

    I’m still looking for him in Sri Lanka! But I fear that I will find him at Sophia Gardens next week. Will have to find a hiding spot after Cats v Crows game! Hope some of my welsh friends find him first,

  7. Heineken in a plastic cup?
    He would be having Fat Yak withdrawal symptoms by now, Dips.

    Peter B: brilliant, 3 votes.

  8. Peter Flynn says

    The one you have to watch out for is Wilfred Rhodes. A fast finisher!

    Fair play to Daragh Fitzpatrick (turf accountant). Jack Hobbs had just cleaned him out. However he was happy to pose handing over some much needed coin to the Old Muckers.

    Backing the 20/1 Al Meezan at the 8:00 (Cameron) Lingfield also helped.

    Harmsy, no photographic evidence as such.

    Tromso, Norway in the midnight sun.


    Roald Amundsen

  9. Can’t believe the black stuff was eschewed at the Curragh! No going off piste at SW19! If you shun the Lanson and strawbs in favour of wife beater and chips, you’ll be given the bum’s rush! And don’t get me started on the tipple of choice when next in the Chilterns…

  10. Unfortunately no Guinness available at the Curragh due to the anomaly between pouring time of said product, numbers of drunken punters and consumption rates.
    Also unfortunate was the lack of photographic evidence of us destroying every Eric Bogle song going with old mates on the recorder and questionable mandolin (it was a guitar that forgot to eat it’s greens as a youngster was the consensus) at Filthy NcNastys in the Dr Kildare town square.
    Anyone with a propensity for the greatest hits of Gilbert O’Sullivan need only get a flight to Ireland and to make their way to Johnny Boyles bar in the Kildare CBD. I reckon Flynny pumped enough euros into the juke box to have GO’S on high rotation till the Irish Derby 2016.

  11. Andrew Starkie says

    Annie doesn’t know this, but……

  12. Peter Flynn says

    Edmonton N18 at the minute.

    Bledlow, Bucks Sunday

    SW19 Centre Court on Monday

    Cardiff Tuesday

  13. Flynny, the Epsom formline looks very strong this year. Were you at Sandown?

  14. PFlynn in SW19 Monday.
    NKyrgios in Tromso Norway.
    Wouldn’t you love to have paid top $ for seats behind the Fanatics?

  15. Peter Flynn says


    The prevailing leading up to Epsom was that this was a year to forget.

    The thinking now is that this a vintage year.

    Golden Horn is ticking boxes like Mill Reef, Nashwan and Sea the Stars.

    Jack Hobbs is 8/1 for the Arc.

    Golden Horn has rejuvenated Frankie Dettori.

    “Best 3yo I’ve ever ridden and maybe best horse I’ve ever ridden.”

    I love English racing.


  16. And, Flynny, the July Cup day was easily the best I attended in Britain. Lucky you.

  17. CITRUS BOB says

    Saw a guy in Queen Street Mall in Cardiff cleaning the shit of the statue of noted politican Aneurin Bevan.

  18. CITRUS BOB says

    It was PJF I will swear to Polly farmer it was him. Believe me!!

  19. How long’s this been goin’ on?

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