Almanac Life: Eloise Learns to Ride

Andrew Starkie has a story about his daughter, a bike, and important first steps.

Father’s Day

A great Father’s Day yarn from Craig Dodson about parenting, sport and the perfect moments in between [And a Brian Lake sighting!].

Be a good parent at the footy please

What do you do when a parent at the footy is swearing his head off in front of his toddler son? Craig Dodson ponders such behaviour.

The loneliness of the long distance raker

Nicko reflects on the joys (and otherwise) of little athletics, and all the Jayden, Hayden, Brayden’s who made it memorable. Still a man who is handy on the rake is always in demand. (Top stuff – Ed).

360 hours

360 hours. In anyone’s language that it a fair chunk of your life. Straight out it is 15 days. In working time (8 hour days) its 45 days. Measured at one hour per week it takes well over six years. And this is the point that I am trying to make – it can be [Read more]

Revisiting the Inner Child

Eagles V Geelong @ Subiaco on Friday 8 July 2011 The best thing about the footy is that it brings out your inner 5 year old.  All week the atmosphere has been building.  Gazza (I kid you not) was brought up a torp away from Kardinia Park.  Its got down to 1 degree in Perth [Read more]