Almanac Life: Footy and Fortune.

Breakfast in bed, thoughts about the footy, and reading ‘Botany Bay and the First Fleet’ are all part of Fathers’ Day for Dips O’Donnell.

Almanac Father’s Day

Some writing by fathers and about fathers.

Fathers’ Day

John Gordon’s debut piece for the Almanac is a touching account of family and football expressed through coach and players on one hand, and in the stands on the other. [Welcome John – thanks for this beaut piece which will definitely get a run in The Eagles’ Almanac – JTH]

Cricket, tennis and Father’s Day brunch

Mickey Randall is seeing his boys grow up before his eyes with more first times taking place; cricket training and school camps this past week.

Almanac Music – Father’s Day Giftbox at Stereo Stories

Here at Stereo Stories we celebrate Fathers’ Day not with gifts of angle grinders and barbecues and golf balls but with fatherhood stories, fourteen in all.

Father’s Day

A great Father’s Day yarn from Craig Dodson about parenting, sport and the perfect moments in between [And a Brian Lake sighting!].

Almanac Music: Fathers’ Day at Stereo Stories

Fathers and fatherhood are universal themes.

Here at Stereo Stories we celebrate Father’s Day 2015 not with gifts of angle grinders and barbecues and golf balls but with stories, ten in all.

Father’s Day

Another kind of season passed; a moving meditation from Peter Baulderstone.

AFL Round 23 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Drifting

Round 23 and the impact of a Polish wedding make Star Wars and a Collingwood game more ethereal than usual.

AFL Round 23 – Geelong v Sydney: Cats for breakfast

Fathers’ Day. Despite the kids wanting to bring me breakfast in bed, I’m not really a breakfast in bed kind of bloke. Besides, I wanted to get the paper and read about the footy; to immerse myself in the Cats’ victory over the Swans on Saturday afternoon. I was pleased to see that Greg Baum had written the piece. He understands a game of footy. His article would be a wonderful tool in the process of immersion.

AFL Round 23 – Geelong v Sydney: In the balance

It is Saturday afternoon. I am driving down the Geelong Road. Peter J. Flynn is in the passenger’s seat. As we look to the south and the west P. Flynn claims he hasn’t seen skies like this since being in Western Australia. Big sky and a warm afternoon. Good for footy. We are running late, [Read more]