Almanac Life: When Was The Last Time You Popped In?

Has the ritual of “popping in” to a friend’s house gone by the wayside? Ian Wilson believes so.

Almanac Music: Reservoir Rockers

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most; Andrew Starkie has become part of a neighbourly trio of enthusiastic amateur musicians during lockdown.

AFL Round 22 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Game of Groans.

The Hawks beat the Cats in a vicious second half knockout…. and with finals so close, will the Cats be able to pick themselves off the canvas?

The Footy Almanac Podcast – Episode 11

The Goddess Advantage and Peter Mattessi join The Elbow and Matty Q on the couch as they talk World Cup, great sporting hairdos, the Tour, Wimbledon, and how more is less in the case of the AFL’s saturation approach.

Snooker with George

    Every Wednesday morning I walked across the road and played snooker with George. On Saturdays I watched the local cricket … George lives with his sister in a sparse weatherboard home. The front fence is high and the gate is hard to open. Every room has different carpet, different wallpaper. Nothing matches. George [Read more]