Almanac Communities: Some reflections on a small town community hall

Allan Barden reflects upon the spirit of the small community hall, the life and soul of many small towns, their activities and organisations bringing immense pleasure over many generations for those communities.

Almanac Soccer: At Home with Jack and Jimmy

John Green visited Nottingham’s Meadow Lane last weekend for the fourth tier match between Notts County and Grimsby Town. He discovered County’s rich history and learnt about two ‘Legends of the Lane’.

Urban Highs and Lows

Urban living in the digital age: how social density combined with social isolation results in social stress. Peter Robertson looks at the role of sport and sporting clubs in contemporary life. [Thoughtful consideration of an important issue – Ed]

No Country for Fit Kids (or Old Men….)

Is the ideal of the regional sport club of yesterday worth preserving and what role can regional sports clubs play in the future, asks Peter Robertson.

Snooker with George

    Every Wednesday morning I walked across the road and played snooker with George. On Saturdays I watched the local cricket … George lives with his sister in a sparse weatherboard home. The front fence is high and the gate is hard to open. Every room has different carpet, different wallpaper. Nothing matches. George [Read more]