Almanac Life: When Was The Last Time You Popped In?

Has the ritual of “popping in” to a friend’s house gone by the wayside? Ian Wilson believes so.

Almanac (Footy Trip) Life: A coterie of Masters

Canberra-based Andrew Fraser used his ride to work on Monday to stretch his hammies after a serious weekend outing to Melbourne with his coterie of Masters-aged footy mates.

Almanac Poetry: Journey into the Underworld

Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote that “Hell is other people.” In this wry poem, Kevin Densley observes that it can be as simple as one mate’s dunny!

Almanac Life: The Tightarse

It’s a sticky question, but for Smokie it’s easy to think of one ‘tightarse’ he knows. Enjoy as he humorously discusses the frugal disposition of ‘Ocker’, a former fellow employee with a desperate need to save up.

Almanac Local Footy – A season at Banyule: Friends, fun and some fine football

Sean Mortell has enjoyed his time playing footy at Banyule, experiencing all the highs and lows associated with being a part of a local sporting club and showing how important sporting clubs are to healthy community life.

The friendly ghosts of East Gosford

Alex Darling returns to footy in Gosford and finds some enjoyment amidst the fog on his first night with the Terrigal Avoca Panthers

A Game Night to Remember

John Tailor looks at the benefits of organising your own sporting activities with mates. Fitness and fun is a great combo.

Depths of Winter

Mark Tresize ponders the consequences of his friend’s son deciding to swap allegiances from his father’s team.

AFL Grand Final: Lunch of champions

After some memorable Grand Final lunching, Yvette Wroby and friends settled down for a Grand Final full of energy and fight from the first bounce.