Almanac Life: The First Beer After Lock-Down

The first beer after lockdown tasted sweet. But Smokie explains why the hesitation remains

Almanac Life: Time of Coronavirus Day 200 in Melbourne – Persist

In this stream of consciousness, E.regnans urges persistence in the ‘Time of Coronavirus Day 200’ as Melburnians await the further easing of restrictions.

Round 6 – Richmond v Sydney: Altered States (or A Celebration of Brisbane Footy and Buses)

Better late than never! Ben Fenton-Smith regales with a tale of being a Tiger fan in unfriendly (or simply uncaring) territory for most of his life, before the pandemic relocated the team into his own backyard. [Worth the wait – Ed.]

WAFL Round 9 – So that was the Dee-plan

Never tell me the odds! Les Everett takes us through a remarkable final home and away round of the WAFL that saw Perth break a 22-year drought in dramatic fashion, while other results upended the expected finalists.

WAFL Round 8: Oh Dees, not again!

Poor Perth dropped what might be their last chance to play finals for the first time in decades with a loss to lowly Swan Districts according to Les Everett; he looks to Round 9 of the WAFL for how the cards will fall for the Demons.

Round 16 – St. Kilda v Hawthorn: Here we go ’round the mulberry bush sandwiched between two explosive quarters

Have the Saints regained their mojo? Braham Dabscheck thinks they may have, though there were signs against Hawthorn that a few more creases need ironing out before finals.

WAFL goes Freo by Les Everett

The WAFL’s Grand Final location has been decided and Les Everett is a fan – as the shortened season nears completion, find out the lay of the league and upcoming clashes that may yet prove significant.

Almanac Footy Comment: Reconnecting without contact

When the pandemic walls started to close in and the AFL hit the decks in the attempt to salvage the season, Dips thought the whole experiment might be a fool’s errand. With time, he now confesses that the physically-distant competition has allowed him the peace and space to reconnect with his team [Marvellous – Ed.]

Almanac Music: Reservoir Rockers

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most; Andrew Starkie has become part of a neighbourly trio of enthusiastic amateur musicians during lockdown.

Round 10 – Geelong v North Melbourne: Cats fend off wilting North up North

Hamish Townsend has been soaking up the sunshine that is wall-to-wall footy in Queensland; rays of light from the two Lachlans and North’s woes might need more sunlight as the Cats got the job done.

Rounds 8-10 – Haiku Bob: footy frenzy

There is a frenetic pace of the so called “footy frenzy” amid the mess and noise of a pandemic, Haiku Bob can naught but think of the son who recreated a highlight of a gun.

Round 9 Review/Round 10 Preview: Some big wins done; straight onto another telling week

No rest for the wicked as Round 9 blurs into Round 10; Sean Mortell has his finger on the pulse!

Round 8 – Sydney v Hawthorn: From pandemic purgatory to the Estonian Marvel

It’s been a slow burn year for Keiran Croker’s cheer cheering of the red and the white, but a win over those great avian rivals the Hawks provided some fuel for the fire.

The WAFL’s on!

The season’s been compressed into a “mini-season”, but at least they’re playing! Les Everett updates us after two rounds of the WAFL.

Round 6 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Saints only played the first quarter

Footy was the winner for Yoshi in Japan, but not the AFL’s version as St Kilda let a big lead slip against a tough Freo side. Osaka Dingoes training helped provide solace.

Round 6 – West Coast v Adelaide: Beware, the broken phone!

The Eagles got the four points, Nic Nat had the last laugh and Cathi Johnston’s side is back home in WA…what’s not to like?

Round 6 – Geelong v Brisbane: I much prefer footy on a Sunday

There were a few signs that this might have been a good night for Sam Evans and his Lions, but there was no Miracle on Grass 3 as the Cats steamrolled their opponents in Sydney…and work still beckoned the next day.

Round 5 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide: The paranoia of premiership favouritism

Something of a superstitious ritual is unfolding for Shane Reid as his Lions are yet to drop a game since he first wrote an Almanac match report. The Brothers Berry and co. made Port look second rate at The Gabba, prompting him to fire up the keyboard again this week.

Almanac Junior Footy: The unsuspecting victims of Coronavirus

Plenty of events are being delayed, cancelled or morphed into a new form under the spectre of coronavirus. Steve Earl turns his attention to just one – kids putting on a jumper for the first time to have a crack at playing footy.

Round 3 – Collingwood v St Kilda: Fear and hope

It was a classic “danger game” in Sean Mortell’s mind before the bounce, but after his Pies got the job done convincingly over the Saints, he let a little hope spring forth – the ultimate dangerous game for a Collingwood fan.