VAFA Premier B – Mazenod v Fitzroy: They, he, it were only nineteen

Mazenod was in the news but the Roys were keen to take the game up to them on their anniversary day. It turned out to be a case of coincidental 19s as King George! III observes. [Trademark alertness from the monarch – JTH]

VAFA – Fitzroy v Mazenod: Mazenod Go Old and Bald

Phil Hill reports on the Fitzroy-Mazenod clash in his inimitable style. [Great win for the Roys – Ed]

Fitzroy v the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

On a windy day at Central Reserve, the Roy Boys obturate a late Mazenod fight back in one of their best performances of the year. [Ed’s note – nope, I didn’t know ‘obturate’ was a word, either. Thanks, Phil!]

Fitzroy at Central Reserve against “The Oblates of Mary Immaculate”

I have been on holidays up in Darwin. It’s the dry season, so the weather up there was perfect. It got down to nineteen at night, and reached thirty every day, with never a cloud in the sky. Today I went out to Central Reserve, to watch the Redders (Fitzroy) take on Mazenod and, while [Read more]