VAFA Premier C Section – Williamstown CYMS FC preview: “Card Night”

Smokie looks back on the “Card Night”, which once formed part of his pre-match ritual.

VAFA Premier C – Fitzroy v Ivanhoe: What a day for the Fitzroy faithful!

Footy, flowers, and highflyers, are all part of the day for Phil Hill as he celebrates victories by the Fitzroy FC.

VAFA Premier C – The CYs Preview: Round 2

In Ammos C Grade, Williamstown CYMS travel to Old Ivanhoe in an important test. Meantime, Smokie reminisces about an old boss.

Almanac Weekend Sports Results 3/7/16

All the weekend football and sporting results worth knowing for Monday’s morning coffee

VAFA – Fitzroy v Mazenod: Mazenod Go Old and Bald

Phil Hill reports on the Fitzroy-Mazenod clash in his inimitable style. [Great win for the Roys – Ed]