VAFA Premier C – The CYs’ Preview: Round 1

Amateur footy kicks off in Melbourne today. And Smokie will be at the Fearon to watch his old club play. This is the first of his weekly Williamstown CYMS previews.

VAFA – Parkdale v Fitzroy: Queens rule the Co-op; Princes the Park

And I thought I was following Fitzroy for the football. It’s the yarns as well. Playful words from his Highness on the Roys timely win against Parkdale. The boys are a chance at both the finals and relegation, such is the precarious nature of the season.

Sal’s Week 1 Finals Preview – And so it begins

Sal Ciardulli has all bases covered as usual, with a comprehensive preview of the first week of AFL finals. The big races at Money Valley get sorted out, and his Whitefriars are in the Ammos finals. Go Friars!

VAFA – Premier B: Fitzroy returns to the Junction

Phil Hill was there when Fitzroy returned to Junction Oval.

VAFA Premier B – Old Trinity v Fitzroy: Light a candle Fitzroy against Trinity

Phil Hill returned from a US holiday to watch the Fitzroy forward line malfunction. He should have lit an extra candle in St Pats Cathedral while in New York.

VAFA Premier B – Werribee v Fitzroy: Way Out West

Phil Hill travels as far west as Werribee to watch his Roy Boys pull off their first win of the year.

VAFA – Fitzroy v Old Brighton: Fitzroitis breaks out

Fitzroyitis has broken out again.

Grand Final bliss as Blacks jump the Shark

The Black Hack awakes from a dual premiership celebration-induced slumber to post his recollections of a memorable day for the Melbourne Uni Blacks in the Ammos Grand Final.

VAFA: Parkdale are not Catholics

I have cancelled all my Saturday morning appointments for three weeks. Better to be prepared for any combination of results of our three semi-final sides than have to rearrange both patients and staff. So it was down to Sandringham to watch our beloved Roys. I missed the first ten minutes of the Thirds, but I [Read more]

VAFA: History counts for little as Drysdale exposes ‘Hoers Tail

With Melbourne Uni Blacks progressing steadily towards the grand final in both grades, the Black Hack gets misty at memories of previous close finishes.

Ammos: No walk in park for SKOBs as Blacks post victory

Regular readers of this column would probably be aware that its author is a creature of habit when it comes to his days at the footy. Like the pensioner who pays his bills at the post office or the ticket inspector who goes straight to the students, your narrator is one who likes to stick [Read more]

Down, but definitely not out

It always saddens me a little when it is confirmed that a club has been relegated. In those immediate awful moments, it can seem like years of grinding and grafting and striving to climb the competitive rungs of the Ammos divisional ladders have been laid to waste in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, the dreaded axe [Read more]

VAFA Round 11: Pirates on shaky ground

One could almost feel the seismic shift in the competition last week when North Old Boys – St. Patrick’s comprehensively defeated Peninsula Old Boys at Gillon Oval. That rumbling was not tectonic plates shifting beneath us; indeed, it was the sound of the Pirates being dislodged from their perch at the top of the table [Read more]

Blacks fail to bounce back as Bloods loss cuts deep

BLOODS SPEARED BY RUSTY NAIL AS BLACKS GRAB INFECTIOUS VICTORY Although most local footy fans in Melbourne would have been rejoicing at the sight of brilliant sunshine last Saturday morning, your correspondent was unfortunately feeling the pinch.  After a heavy week of overnight sports viewing including Tour De France, Australia v England cricket and Wimbledon, [Read more]

Fitzroy at Central Reserve against “The Oblates of Mary Immaculate”

I have been on holidays up in Darwin. It’s the dry season, so the weather up there was perfect. It got down to nineteen at night, and reached thirty every day, with never a cloud in the sky. Today I went out to Central Reserve, to watch the Redders (Fitzroy) take on Mazenod and, while [Read more]

VAFA Div 1 – half-yearly report

V.A.F.A. DIVISION 1 “HALF-YEARLY REPORT” Something which has always stuck in my head was the approach an old coach of mine had toward the football season. He would divide it into four parts: pre-season, rounds 1 – 9, rounds 10 -18, and finals. I did not entirely agree with him because, more often than not, [Read more]

Drysa White Hot as Blacks Jump to Top Spot

SKOBS RISE ABOVE THE BLACKS’ MOONLIGHT CLOUD Whenever the Blacks come up against St Kevins, there is a flurry of pre-match correspondence. Players from both teams receive messages from friends and family during the week that convey how deeply important a win would be to their respective club. In the lead-up to this week’s instalment, the [Read more]

The Punic War, Bryce McGain, and Fitzroy at Bluff Road

I took Friday arvo off. The Cricket Society had a lunch at the Kelvin Club with Bryce McGain the guest of honour. As you all know, anything less than four hours is not lunch, merely the taking of sustenance, merely the warding off the evils of hunger. It just left no time to get back [Read more]

Day draped in disappointment as Sharks bite Blacks

MAGOOS REFLECT ON THE SEVENTH The long weekend bye provided all players the opportunity to take a break and reflect on deeds done. The notion of reflection is one that was prominent in the household of your narrator whilst growing up. Every Sunday my Mother would take us to morning mass where we were instructed [Read more]

Close Roy victory like pulling teeth.

by Derrinalphil   Had a bloke come into see me on Saturday morning. He needed a tooth out and having a look at the radiograph, I thought to myself, “piece of cake.” This looks easy and it started out that way. He went numb straight away and the top of the tooth came away as [Read more]