VAFA Premier B – Mazenod v Fitzroy: They, he, it were only nineteen

They, he, it were only Nineteen


At quarter time the question vented up like old faithful at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming from the exasperated coach “Who is on #19?”. Like timid students at a tutorial or lecture no one was able to venture a hand skyward in answer to the question. This in essence was the conundrum of defeat unwrapped. In fact Mazenod’s #19, Brad Kovacs, had different opponents each time he sliced through our defence for his 4 first quarter goals, the last of which was a gift from wily Ben Phibbs their on field General, in what all thought was the end against the wind.


Of the games 22 goals the majority, 13, were scored at this flankless, pocketless end usually by carrying the ball along the wind protected freeway side and then funnelling the ball through the narrow strait, straight through the big sticks; lack of expansive acreage at this end did both sides a favour by making them straighten up per force of geography not always footy smarts. Unfortunately our 4.4 v their accurate 9.2 at this end ultimately determined the result. Only 9 goals were scored at the so thought wind favoured end and we scored 5 of them.


What went wrong? Our nineteen year old cohort fluctuated in game performance as can naturally be expected; the positive is that game time will build maturity in this group. Mazenod had the advantage of home ground knowledge accumulated over their now eight straight Founder’s Day (St. Eugene de Mazenod’s feast day) victories at the college oval. The enigma of the wind and the importance of dead-eye accuracy against it was carried off to perfection by the Nodders again under the tuition of college teacher and coach Ben Phibbs himself a graduate of the Luke Beveridge St Bede’s teams of the noughties.


In summary then our defeat resulted from an extraordinary 1st quarter by opposition #19, our 19s collective were off boil but we still only lost by 19 points!


After match our generous hosts led ably by their Rector Fr Christian Fini OMI welcomed us to their ongoing celebrations on the eve of Founder’s day and he confided that he and his fellow Oblates had been praying intensely, inter alia, for good weather for the day. Having watched the weather forecast all week saying to expect up to 15mm of rain and the “Jealous Craic” choir with their umbrellas at the ready only to find us using them against the sun’s rays this scribe for one was reminded of the power of expansive orisons.  No doubt the prayers of the oblates are also going into overdrive for observance of CCC #2277 and this will enlighten and ultimately enrich all local members of their faith community.


Per dint of Gerard Whateley, Mazenod old boy, the Nodders and by association Fitzroy featured in an article on AFL 360 last week


In this vignette Mark Robinson’s “offending” epithet for our next opponent Monash should in no way make us underestimate their legitimacy as one of many contenders for finals this year.


Be back on the horse at the BSO this Saturday for the battle with the Ashes.


Go Roys!


By George!111


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