Round 6 – Richmond v Sydney: Altered States (or A Celebration of Brisbane Footy and Buses)

Better late than never! Ben Fenton-Smith regales with a tale of being a Tiger fan in unfriendly (or simply uncaring) territory for most of his life, before the pandemic relocated the team into his own backyard. [Worth the wait – Ed.]

Almanac Fandom: Tuffy Rhodes Day

A sports story with a twist from Ben Fenton-Smith. Non-fiction. Baseball. Japan. And a wonderful denouement. This incident marked the start of a beautiful friendship.

Round 16 – Inside Game Day with Jason Castagna

Richmond player Jason Castagna, takes Ben Fenton-Smith behind the scenes on game day of their Round 16 match against the Suns.

Almanac Footy Literature: Suggestions please

Ben Fenton-Smith’s mate Dr Brian D. Ruger teaches a sports literature course in Japan. He is keen to include a reading on Australian football and is looking for suggestions.

Round 21 – Gold Coast v Richmond: Post-game Talkback on Gold Coast’s Glitz 106FM

Another humorous spoof piece from Ben Fenton-Smith. He “heard” some interesting talk back as he rode the train home from Metricon Stadium. Some of these “callers” might even be familiar to you… if you listen to Gold Coast’s Glitz 106FM that is!

Round 20 – Richmond v Geelong: Long Weekend’s Journey into North Fitzroy’s Arms

The lucid dream of a knock for the ages makes way for a very real trip to see Ben Fenton-Smith’s Tigers overcome Geelong. The Almanac’s pub de rigueur also gets a guernsey.

Round 17 – GWS v Richmond: But what is the goal? Or even a goal? How a visit to Spotless inspired a post-modern observation of Australian Football.

I think Ben Fenton-Smith has unleashed a new Almanac genre: the spoof academic essay. But is it spoofed? [If you’ve had anything to do with the life of the mind since the rise of post-modernism and Cultural Studies this will be much more than a match report. The challenge to the primacy of the goal is brilliant – JTH]