Almanac poetry: The sweet spot

Vin M remembers his mum and aunty while having a kick with his cousin.

Dropping the Ball

Anna Sublet goes kick-to-kick with her daughter only to find her ball drop is not very effective. Patience, practise and determination is the key and maybe, just maybe, one day there’s a spot for her in a team.

Unrushed, Unspoken

Old Dog kicks the footy in the bush.

Round 14: St Kilda v Gold Coast: So many points to be made

Yvette Wroby goes to the St Kilda heartland to watch the Sharks at Peanut Farm Reserve, then Etihad to see her Saints. All her red, white and black teams won. The points (masses of behinds for both teams) are puzzling to fans and commentators alike.

AFLM Round 5 – St Kilda v Geelong: In..In..In..Win for the Girls…In..In..In..Out for the Boys

Yvette Wroby sees the St Kilda Academy girls win their Anzac Day game, and wishes Tweety Birds (Saints boys) weren’t eaten by the Puddy Cats in the double header.

Kick-to-Kick: the committee’s annual report

For ten years a small group of former non-footballers have met on Sunday mornings for The Sherrin At The Fearon kick-to-kick sessions in Williamstown, opposite the beach. But numbers are dropping.

Did you bring a footy?

A story. The miracle of kick-to-kick. The Li sisters give Taz and Bung a lesson in the execution of the drop kick. All with a little help from their trusty Blundstone footy boots.

AFL Round 2 – Essendon v Hawthorn: Post Game Kick to Kick

With the game over, Andrew Else takes in some kick-to-kick action on the hallowed MCG turf

Kick-to-kick (from Loose Men Everywhere)

Recently Paul Daffey pointed Age readers in the direction of the kick-to-kick passage in Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North, suggesting kick-to-kick had rarely been written about. He’s right, although it seems the Almanac is home to a number of writers (like Vin Maskell) who have. Here’s a snippet from Loose Men Everywhere by John Harms published in 2002. [E. Regnans alerted Almanac readers to the Flanagan excerpt when it was first published – Ed).

Kick-to-Kick at Docklands Stadium

The [time-honoured – Ed] tradition of kick-to-kick on footy grounds after League matches is set to make a comeback at the MCG in this, the year of the fan. Yoshi makes an impassioned plea for Etihad Stadium management to reconsider the Saints request to introduce it at the Docklands for Sunday games.

Vin Maskell’s meditation on kick-to-kick (2007)

Following on from Richard Flanagan’s depiction of kick-to-kick, here’s some thoughts from Vin Maskell from a few years ago.

Celebrating Richard Flanagan’s Man Booker Prize 2014: footy

Richard Flanagan’s magnificent work: “The Narrow Road to the Deep North” was awarded the Man Booker Prize 2014 for fiction in London. This novel, of and by a Tasmanian, includes footy. To celebrate, here is a wonderful school yard scene; “and then began the magic of kick to kick…” [Great to read Paul Daffey’s reference to this Almanac thread in his Sunday Age column today (4-Jan-15)]

Almanac Kick-to-Kick: Wednesday 2 July

There’s an Almanac Kick to Kick session on Wednesday 2 July at 2pm. Brunswick St Oval. Phil Dimitriadis and Vin Maskell look forward to seeing you there. BYO boots, shorts, footy jumpers (woollen preferably), sliced oranges and bravado. Skills optional.  

Local Ground

Kate Birrell is part of a dob in the park which the kids turn into far more than kick to kick. And a red moon for the walk home. [What Haiku Bob would give for a red moon – Ed]


Old Dog and friend are having a kick at Princes Park as the northerly picks up.

The Legend of the Brick

John Townsend (doyen of cricket scribes?) joins his mate for Sunday morning kick-to-kick outside Subiaco Oval. They are confronted by a heavenly vision. (Ed may be slightly biased)

Kick-to-Kick fixture now out

Vin Maskell has banished the AFL, NRL, ICC, CA, EPL and all the other heartless money munchers of world sport. With poetic style and grace Vin reveals the 2014 itinerary of the KKAA (Kick to Kick Association of Australia). Long may it prosper.

Friday: Kick to Kick with The Footy Almanac

The Footy Almanac has started its monthly kick to kick sessions – now in two brilliant locations. All welcome.

Off Season Odyssey – Part 33: The Real Plugger

  It’s belting down rain on the highway. On the everything. I have two days to get 1,600kms, which is going to take every cent I have. I’m over music, it’s all starting to sound the same. I love driving. Even when I’m hating it, or fighting it and sleep. An open road, a purpose. [Read more]

AFL Grand Final: Half-time Legends

  It’s half-time in the big one. The game’s a bottler. We’re all happy little Vegemites, excited, hairy, overgrown children, bundling out of Roland’s beat-up Grand Final shed to piss, fire up the barbie, wince at daylight, and kick the footy. “You in it, Dippa?” I ask. No idea how he got the nickname, he [Read more]