AFL Grand Final: Hot tickets for the Hot Pies

Side by side with family throughout generations, Anna Sublet got to watch a famous Pies victory with her daughter and the spirit of her dad by her side in the MCC. But not without a few speedbumps along the journey.

Dropping the Ball

Anna Sublet goes kick-to-kick with her daughter only to find her ball drop is not very effective. Patience, practise and determination is the key and maybe, just maybe, one day there’s a spot for her in a team.

Sounding the siren for junior footy.

Anna Sublet has a household of footballers. Her daughter has taken to the game, winning a premiership at St Kilda City and her lad is making his way back from injury (and can’t wait to get back into it all. She remembers the experience of her own youth.

Almanac People: Side by Side

Anna Sublet was disheartened by Collingwood FC President’s behaviour this year and the Club’s response and since discovered that the Club is bigger than the President.