Friday: Kick to Kick with The Footy Almanac

You say you love footy, but when did you last have a good kick? When did you last hit a mate on the chest with a brilliant pass? When did you last shank a torpedo over the boundary line? When did you last suck on an orange?

First Friday of every month at Brunswick St Oval, Fitzroy starting at 4.30pm. (Inaugural Almanac Kick To Kick is Friday 3 May.)

Every Sunday morning at Fearon Reserve, Osborne St, Williamstown, starting at 9.30am. (Inaugural Almanac  Kick To Kick is Sunday 28 April.)

BYO drop kicks, stab passes, torpedoes, sliced oranges. Drop punts optional.

Enquiries: Phil Dimitriadis for the Friday sessions: 0416 492 454. Vin Maskell for the Williamstown sessions: 9397 7809.

If the times or the venues don’t suit, start up your own Almanac Kick to Kick sessions and spread the word.


  1. Stephen Cooke says

    See you at Brunswick St Oval on the Friday. I’m going to be Michael Turner.

  2. Fridays sound good. Hope I can get there. Do they have the 50 metre arch painted on the Brunswick St oval?

  3. Lord Bogan says

    In that case, I’ll have to pretend to be Ricky Barham Cookie!

  4. I’m seriously considering flying down from Brisbane for this!

  5. Rick Kane says

    Sounds like a good healthy event. I trust we’ll end the session at a pub. I will be an attendee at the Brunswick St Oval kick to kick or grubber to grubber as the case may be.


  6. Stephen Cooke says

    We’ll need a rule, Lord Bogan. Players emulated must be of the same era that the kick-to-kicker wore a number on his back.

    Rules are important.

    And Sasha, you know it makes sense.

  7. Stephen Cooke says

    Torn-hamstring to strained-calf, perhaps?

  8. DBalassone says

    Love the sound of this. Will try to get down there on a Friday arvo – first step towards getting rid of the spare tyre that is my gut.

  9. mickey randall says

    Anyone else in Singapore and keen to have a dob?

  10. I have seen the kick-to-kick session at the Fearon morph into a fairly handy session of circle work.

  11. Lord Bogan says

    No Smokie —————– I draw the line at circle work.

  12. Neil Belford says

    Hipsters kick droppies. Only droppies. They channel Hayden Bunton jnr. Only the drop kick.

  13. Lets go old school and get the stab pass going on’

  14. You’ll need to stand 10 yards apart if you want to emulate Haydn Bunton jnr.

  15. I was thinking of the place kick.

  16. Peter Fuller says

    As one of the older Almanac community members, I can state categorically that I have never seen a place kick executed in an Aussie Rules match, although I have certainly heard radio commentators’ descriptions of same as late as the mid-1950s. It reminds me of that line which Kerry Cue attributed to Frank Knopfelmacher “Happy families are like ghosts; everybody believes in them, but nobody has ever seen one.” Perhaps place kicks are like ghosts and happy families.

    So, I think your suggestion, John, betrays your rugger bugger associations. I can also remember a few of us attempting them at training, without notable success. However, we did so without the aid either of the plastic holder of modern times, or the sand tee, which I understand was used in earlier times. All we would do to set the ball up was dig the softened ground with the heel of our boots.

  17. Lord Bogan had a go at a place kick during a low-altitude kick-to-kick pre-season session at Princes Park Oval 1 last week. It wasn’t quite a Dave McNamara place kick. The Lord showed impressive form with his torps, drop kicks and stab passes, splitting the goals more than a few times.
    The Williamstown Almanac kick-to-kick sessions begin this Sunday with a word of warning – the circle work is very gentle. We hardly get out of the 50 metre arc (and the 50 metres is probably 45).

  18. Lord Bogan says


    Dave McNamara wouldn’t have bothered turning in his grave for my lame effort. Conversely, our entry into the stab pass zone was short, but very sweet. Thanks for inspiring a great idea.

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