GWS Poaching

I’ve seen it happen before, we all have. Weeks and weeks of speculation, concern, hope. From Round 1 to Grand Final Day, the interest in the matter does not falter. Whether you be a number one draft pick, or an absolute champion of the game, the spotlight does not miss you. The media focuses on [Read more]

GWS is a Menace

  by Dave Nadel It seems to me that Greater Western Sydney has taken a different approach to its pre-draft recruiting than Gold Coast did last year. The two best players that Gold Coast took, Ablett and Harbrow, were taken from clubs who had played off in the Preliminary Finals last year. Two other players, [Read more]

Something’s not right

  by Andrew Gigacz  Something’s not right. It can’t be. Not when supporters of the same footy team turn on each other.   But so it was on Saturday afternoon when I joined my three mates for our regular day at a Bulldogs home game. It’s what we’ve always done; for years at Western Oval, [Read more]

Giant Name Leaves Little Room for Inspiration

By Sasha Lennon I knew this would happen.  It’s taken me ten years or more to accept ‘The Dockers’.  I still can’t digest ‘The Power’, and I can’t even say ‘The Suns’ out loud but now we have the GWS Giants!  What happened to all the animals? Have we run out of good names?  Surely [Read more]

Canberra now a western suburb

The ACT Government has signed a 10 year, 4 games per year contract with GWS. The deal worth approximately $26M will have the new boys from the ‘burbs playing one pre season and three competition games each year. While I struggle to embrace anything relating to Kevin Sheedy, it is a big boost for footie [Read more]


”The fact is rugby league lives and breathes in western Sydney – we’re part of the community, we have been there for a century … ” (my emphasis) (David Gallop, NRL CEO, Sydney Morning Herald, 9 September, 2010) The NRL is paranoid about the AFL’s expansion into western Sydney. And they’ve got good reason to [Read more]

GWS and NRL Converts- The Bigger Picture

I am by no means surprised by the negative reaction to Folau’s signing.  Not too long ago I completed a Master’s thesis about the commercialisation of sport and the impact this has had on the sporting community.  I wrote about how games were once an expression of the people, where citizens gathered for a common [Read more]

Footy Talk: PT Barnum and Kevin Sheedy plan to put on a show

By John Butler Setting: PT Barnum: legendary showman and entrepreneur, founder of Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey’s Circus and famous for pulling hoaxes and working freak shows. Often attributed the quote “there’s a sucker born every minute.” It’s a surprise he hasn’t worked for the AFL before now. Kevin Sheedy: really needs no introduction. With [Read more]