The View From Shepparton: Round 1 Pt. 1

At last round one has started, and really I reckon that Greater Western Sydney were OK.


Izzy has already received flack for not being up to it but despite my critical pre season comment, he might yet have something.


It does appear though that they will have trouble getting a decent forward set up established but let’s face it, it is far too early to draw any real  conclusions about anything at this stage.


As for Sydney, they won by ten goals so why all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth? I just hope that Brissie win by ten points next week, ten goals would be glorious.


I must admit that I loved the live telecast but to my eternal shame have to admit that I was side tracked for extensive periods of time during the game by the counting of the polls in the Queensland election where one way or the other history was also being made.


If ever “viewers” wanted to see the reason why the NRL attracts so many followers, they only need to see Billy Slater’s two tries yesterday. They were magic and frankly he is sort of player that will certainly attract me and my better half to our first NRL game this year.


Back to the AFL. The way this first round is being drawn out is excruciating. but it does mean that the tension, the excitement is maintained. In that context I must mention the Sunday afternoon program on ABC radio “The Inquisition” run by Gerard Whately in which the excitement of the game is well described and maintained by all on the program. For me it is a must listen.


Plagiarizing from that source the idea of “my best moment” and “my worst moment” of the the week. for me the best moment was the opening bounce of the 2012 AFL season and the worst moment was that I was on the road about 15 minutes from a TV set and missed it.


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