Almanac Book Review: ‘The Immortals of Australian Rugby League’ by Liam Hauser

Liam Hauser’s previous rugby league books have focussed on State of Origin and NRL Grand Finals. Here ecumenical football follower Adam Muyt reviews Liam’s latest publication, ‘The Immortals of Australian Rugby League’.

From World Cups and FIFA bans to the Socceroos and Bertie: the Dutch & Australian football

With orange coloured glasses Adam Muyt (jointly written with Roberto Pennino) looks back on the wonderful contribution of Dutch migrants and their descendants on the round ball game in Australia since the late 1940’s. Includes the tale of when Australia were banned by FIFA for four years.

Peter Temple and the Royboys of Doom

This is a remarkable piece, one of the Almanac’s finest. Adam Muyt has transcribed his 2003 interview with the late Peter Temple. It was conducted 15 years or so ago when Adam was writing his fine book Maroon & Blue. Tremendous observations about footy and Melbourne life.

Almanac Inventiveness: Gotta keep possession

What can be done with a footy? Where are the limits? Adam Muyt on a chance encounter at the bottleshop – with a sassy footy creative; pushing boundaries.

The Lousy Bounce – Part 3: Royboys last game.

Heartfelt Fitzroy supporters, this is for you: memories of the Royboys exit from the VFL/AFL.

Solving the Case of the Roys Ring-In Premiership Trophy

Mystery solved! The case of the Fitzroy Premiership that wasn’t! Read all about it!

The Lousy Bounce – Part 2

This is the second part of Adam Muyt’s 1996 diary extracts, which were originally published in ‘Maroon & Blue – Recollections and Tales of the Fitzroy Football Club’

The Lousy Bounce – Part 1

Twenty years on from Fitzroy’s last unmerged season in the AFL, Royboy Adam Muyt shares some of his diary entries from that eventful year.

On Jonathan Brown

A timely look again at Adam Muyt’s essay on Jonathan Brown, from The Footy Almanac, 2010.

AFL Round 14 – Hawthorn v Brisbane Lions: Some undies have all the luck

Despite the winter Launceston day, Adam Muyt chose to forego his extra thermals and plumped for his lucky Royboy undies instead. Well, they were lucky earlier this century.

SMH season preview piece features the Footy Almanac

Ecumenical Almanac writer Adam Muyt – who writes for both the AFL and NRL Almanacs – has spotted a nice piece about The Rugby League Almanac from Malcolm Knox.

North head south

                                          North come south Reviewed by Adam Muyt. North Melbourne Versus Greater Western Sydney, 1.10pm, 8 April 2012, Bellerive Oval, Hobart Last week I was in Sydney where I grew up, reviewing a rugby league game for the [Read more]

A long way from home

The finals are just two weeks away.  Brookie Oval is packed out for a Friday night cracker, first versus second on the ladder, one team undefeated after 12 games, the other undefeated at home for the season. The teams with the best for-and-against in the comp, sharing a rivalry built up over recent seasons (one [Read more]

Granny’s five cents goes a long way (a late sixties boyhood in Sydney)

Sausage roll five cents, (sauce one cent extra); musk sticks, cobbers, freckles, milk bottles, musk sticks, bananas – cent each; bertie beetle, choo-choo-bar, both five cents. Shiny packet on top of the glass-topped bench: same as a snag roll (minus sauce); forget bertie, forget the black mouthed bar; bargain! Give over the echidna; Mrs Mineo [Read more]

The Poet Laureate of Old Fitzroy

Old Fitzroy, club and suburb, are long gone, except in the memories of those who played there or grew up amongst its pokey houses and grimy streets.  One person who pops up in reminisces about those days and times is Norm Byron, who played a couple of games for the Maroons back in 1918.  But [Read more]

Aker-mania comes to town

Aker-mania came to Hobart on the weekend. A ground record crowd of 8,400 turned up see Aker debut for the Glenorchy Magpies at KGV Oval against reigning TFL premiers, Clarence on Saturday evening in the season opener. For the demographically and statistically inclined, that’s around 4% of Hobart’s population or 1.6% of Tassie’s total populace. [Read more]

Burning Down the House (or ways fans celebrate sporting success)

One of my favourite stories of fans celebrating a premiership is what Parramatta fans did in 1981 after the team won its first premiership in the old Sydney Rugby League comp: they burnt the old home ground down! Parramatta’s rickety, old, ‘country showground’  home, Cumerland Oval, was slated to be replaced by a new ‘stadium’…that night, the jubilant fans decided [Read more]

Review: Mr. Cleansheets

Mr. Cleansheets Author: Adrian Deans Publisher: Vulgar Press Published 2010 Reviewed by Adam Muyt This is a lads book, a ‘Boys Own’ adventure through the footballing landscape that is England.  Seriously, I can see this book doing well in the UK amongst a large slab of the football-loving populace.  Not bad for an aussie author [Read more]

Footy: Denning’s death ends links to Roys’ last flag

By Adam Muyt The 1944 Fitzroy premiership player Clen Denning died on 10 November.  He was 98.  One of Clen’s teammates in the Gorillas’ premiership, Laurie Bickerton, died just three months earlier, marking 2009 as the year the two final living links to Fitzroy’s eight VFL flags ended. Denning was, by all accounts, a very [Read more]

General Sport: Supporter lobby group starts up

By Adam Muyt Roy Masters has written a piece in today’s SMH (7 November) on a newly formed lobby group, Sports Supporters Australia.  Masters likens it to an RACV or NRMA for sports lovers and a quick squiz through its website heightens the comparison. This group is definitely ‘serious’, structured around a membership base and board, and complete with (obligatory?) commercial [Read more]