By Alex Wadelton


The Greater Western Sydney coaching staff are the most experienced in the league. Kevin Sheedy has four flags as coach, Mark Williams has one. That equals five. So, they are also the team with the coaches who have won the most flags. Playing wise, they have Luke Power with three flags as well as Dean Brogan and Chad Cornes with one each. So, that’s another five. That makes ten senior premierships not including the one that Israel Folau was a part of in the NRL. So, eleven premierships already puts the Giants into fifth overall pace on the premiership winners list, behind only Carlton, Essendon, Collingwood and Melbourne.

But that’s including VFL premierships. If we just count AFL premierships (since 1990) the Giants have two from Sheedy, one from Williams, three from Power, one from Cornes and one from Brogan. That’s eight premierships. All of a sudden they have five more premierships than the next best (West Coast, Brisbane and Geelong all with three). Put simply, the Giants are winners.


There can be no more qualified coaches than Kevin Sheedy and Mark Williams to guide the plethora of youngsters under their command. Apart from Norm Smith. But he’s dead. So, really, that suggestion makes no sense whatsoever, and is in quite poor taste. Indeed it sickens me to my core that anyone could suggest something so patently unconscionable. Wash your mouth out.

Players to watch.

If Jonathon Patton can get out on the park he could be a Giant plus. Not only is he Giant sized, but he’ll make Giant inroads into making the Giants competitive around the ground. He has Giant wraps on him from all reports, so it’s no surprise the Giants are taking Giants sized steps to ensure that his future is Gigantic.

Israel Folau has already, according to Andrew Demetriou, recouped the investment of $6 million spent on him. Given the amount of column inches devoted to Folau, it’s easy to see how. That’s why there are louder and louder rumours out of AFL House that they now have their sights set on an even bigger star. An international star. One that is sure to cross promote across every media outlet in the world. Yes, it’s true. Kim Kardashian has signed on for 2013.

Scott Pendlebury. Whoops. Sorry, that’s next year’s preview.


The Giants plan to lose their first eight matches by an average of twenty goals. Then having lured everyone into a false sense of security, they will then get the AFL to change the rules so that winning is actually measured by the lowest crowds and the biggest losses.


In the biggest miracle since Andrew Bolt wrote a column that wasn’t inflammatory (has that happened?) the Giants will bolt in the premiership this year.


Next up: Why the Dees will claim their first premiership since black and white television.



  1. Richard Naco says

    They may not exactly win the preniership in 2012, but they will win.

    This is the franchise that will catapult the AFL light years ahead of its competing codes, and its ultimate and inevitable success will be what makes for a truly _national_ competition.

    I couldn’t be more of a Catter if I had fur, fleas and a penchant for slaughtering small mammals & birds, but I see it as my duty as a Geelong member to do what I can to help GWS get up & running.

    A strong & successful GWS = a strong & successful AFL = a strong & successful Geelong football club.

    That’s why I’ll be at Homebush this Saturday night, barracking for footy itself & revelling in the creation of this brave new world.

  2. Dave Nadel says

    That’s nice for you Richard. Personally, I think of all the money that is being blown in Western Sydney that could have been spent on a team in Tassie where they support Aussie Rules or Canberra where they used to support Aussie Rules or even on a third Western Australian team where they already have the money and will soon have the population to support a third team.

    Instead the money, young footballers and AFL back-up is being spent in an area that is 20 or even 30 years away from readiness to support an AFL team. You may be barracking at Homebush, I will probably be at an election party for the Niddrie by-election but I will be monitoring the radio for a Swans victory.

  3. Hey Alex, can’t we please skip the next few and get straight to the business of why the Dogs will win the flag? I can’t wait!

  4. Sydney Malakellis says

    Good things come to those who wait Gigs. And Bulldogs fans must be well versed on this truism…

  5. Richard Naco says

    That is, after all, a Dog’s life.

  6. Right on Comrade Richard – posting #1

    GWS is the future of the game.

    These blokes living in the civilized states don’t know what its like on the ground in the alien lands…

    I’m sure Sydney Malakellis can relate to that after his stint at Gee-long….

  7. pamela sherpa says

    Loved your articles Alex. This one a beauty too. What a laugh. Good work

    Richard, I feel the same way. I’m an Essendon supporter but GWS is about supporting the whole game.

  8. I’m with Dave. Tassie was a travesty. GWS = Great Waste of $pace

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