A Tough Year Awaits GWS

After watching GWS play against Richmond last Saturday at Manuka I am convinced that GWS will struggle to win a single game this year.

In reaching the above conclusion I have drawn upon the experiences of the Gold Coast Suns in their first year. I note that Gold Coast recorded three wins against my pre-season prediction of two. Gold Coast had Gary, whilst GWS have Scully. One is arguably the best player in the competition and a player who impacts a game in many areas and who has the rare ability to literally drag a team across the line. The other is not in the league’s Top 50. Tom Scully was not the best midfielder at the Melbourne Demons and would not be in the top 3 midfielders at Collingwood or Geelong. Tom Scully is a good footballer but he does not have the skill, composure or polish to have a consistent impact for GWS yet. He is more pup tent than marquee.

Of the rookie brigade , and I note that I have watched a number of them in the Canberra League in 2011, there is a lot of obvious but not quite league ready talent. There are no readymade quality big men like Zac Smith and Charlie Dixon. There is no David Swallow at this stage.

Whilst GWS will obviously improve greatly as the season progresses, and some of the high draft picks will start to show their class, this will be a long year for GWS.


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