Stale Gum

Ed Carmine found many stories and memories within a pack of footy cards from the 2001 season. But he’s yet to risk the gum.

‘Essendon Football Club Best and Fairest Players from VFL days….told through Footy cards’ – Book Review

Neil Cole and Graeme Dickenson have produced a wonderful new book, ‘Essendon Football Club Best and Fairest Players from VFL days…..told through Footy cards’, that will appeal immensely to all footy fans alike.

Nostalgia Unlimited: Essendon Champs and their Footy Cards.

Essendon champions from the VFL era have their story told through footy cards in a new book by Neil Cole and Graeme Dickenson, ‘Nostalgia Unlimited: Essendon Champs and their Footy Cards’.

Football in the Time of COVID: The Great Match

O Tecnico makes his Almanac debut with this account of a footy season. Not a very long one. And with a unique way of playing.

Stuck On You: A love affair with footy cards

We’ve all grown up with a love of footy and collecting footy cards, and Ed Carmine is no exception as he explains.

Junior Footy: Sport in its purist form – The Macleod JFC Under 8s

Though he could do without the 6am wake up calls, and he suspects he’s not entirely in synch with modern coaching priorities, Craig Dodson doesn’t regret coaching the Macleod Under 8’s for a moment. (A piece sure to put a smile on your face – Ed).

AFLW Round 2 – Carlton v GWS: Aidan’s Footy Cards

Smokie’s seven-year-old nephew Aidan loves footy and drawing. And he has a talent for combining both.

Chip Gut

The Ebay Cowboy, Mick Gwyther, is much more healthy these days. Why? Because AFL Tazos no longer come in potato-chip packets.

AFL Round 12 – Carlton v Hawthorn: Statistically A Perfect 10

Hawthorn may have their eyes on the bigger prize, but encounters like Friday night mean just as much for their fans, especially Armin Richter. He missed out on 10 consecutive wins against the Blues in the 80s and he wanted that record on Friday night.


A football love-hate story It’s happening and I swear I had nothing little to do with it. A couple months ago my wife dragged took my five year old boy to church. To her incredulity, out of nowhere he started singing Good old Collingwood for da ever (sic).

Almanac Rugby League – Granny’s five cents goes a long way (a late sixties boyhood in Sydney)

Sausage roll five cents, (sauce one cent extra); musk sticks, cobbers, freckles, milk bottles, musk sticks, bananas – cent each; bertie beetle, choo-choo-bar, both five cents. Shiny packet on top of the glass-topped bench: same as a snag roll (minus sauce); forget bertie, forget the black mouthed bar; bargain! Give over the echidna; Mrs Mineo [Read more]