Almanac Football: The hunt for the owner of the red shorts

Ed Carmine can’t work out who owned the shorts previously or why they were so inexpensive when he spied them on Sydney Road!

Stale Gum

Ed Carmine found many stories and memories within a pack of footy cards from the 2001 season. But he’s yet to risk the gum.

Stuck On You: A love affair with footy cards

We’ve all grown up with a love of footy and collecting footy cards, and Ed Carmine is no exception as he explains.

Ceaselessly dancing

Two teams infamous as purveyors of underachievement, St Kilda Saints and the New Zealand Blackcaps, have played big parts in Ed Carmine’s sporting life – he shares his personal reactions to their Pyrrhic non-victories in 2010 and 2019.

AFLW Round 5 – Melbourne v Brisbane: Seasons Autumn

Ed Carmine commenced the new season watching the thriller at Casey

AFLW Round 3 – Adelaide v Western Bulldogs: On the road again

A relaxing afternoon on the couch with a pizza under the aircon while watching the Bulldogs take on the Crows in Adelaide was on the cards for Ed Carmine – until both teams put on a blockbuster that was anything but relaxing to watch. [Great report Ed – KS]