Round 18 – Hawthorn v Richmond: Saluting a Legend

All the Hawks’ fans were in shock as Mitchell had another 30+ game and they win – again – in his 300th.

Round 13 – Hawthorn v Essendon: Jibber JABber from the world of Naive Idiots

Armin Richter revels in the Hawks 38-point defeat of the Bombers and saves a special whack for the objectors to Sam Mitchell’s sledging of Michael Hibberd.

Round 3 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: As Good As It Gets

Armin Richter urges all Hawks fans to savour the current line-up. He reckons it is almost as good as it gets!

AFL Grand Final – Sydney v Hawthorn: Mission Accomplished

Armin Richter chronicles the highs and lows of growing up a Hawkaholic. They once cost him a month’s pay but have delivered countless pride and joy down the decades. Mission accomplished.

AFL Round 6 – Richmond v Hawthorn: Hoodoo Schmoodoo

Take a trip back through time – all the way back to Round 6 when the autumn sun through the yellowing elms has no strength in it but creates a serene and timeless scene on a calm and mild day. And Cyril Rioli plays a beauty.

The Champions That Never Were

Armin Richter has done an amazing job of researching “Champion of the Colony” a VFL award that never existed (except as one man’s opinion) but is still shown in the AFL Season Guide. Fascinating stuff for anyone with an interest in footy history.

AFL Round 6 – Richmond v Hawthorn: Hoodoo Shmoodoo

Aussie80s reports on a morning spent researching the history of Box Hill, followed by an afternoon watching Cyril put in a performance that may catch a historian’s eye in years to come (presuming they can bear standard definition)

Football is a funny game (on missing Before the Game)

Footy is as much about what happens around it. Aussie80s will miss the crew at Before the Game who found the wavelength of so many footy fans.

AFL Grand Final: It is spelt R.E.L.I.E.F.

The aftermath of the Grand Final was euphoric celebration. It was all clapping, cheering and elation but most of all, for Armin Richter it was relief. This was the Grand Final that Hawthorn just couldn’t afford to lose.

AFL Round 18 – Essendon v Hawthorn: Buddy and his Bunnies

This is Hawthorn v Essendon – good v evil. This is hatred that is handed down through generations, even if it is tinged with respect and decorum. This is history, this is rivalry and this is passion. (Love the passion – Ed)

AFL Round 17 – Hawthorn v Western Bulldogs: Shades Of Grey

The footy landscape has irrevocably changed – be it the AFL, VFL or VFA – but some constants remain, writes Armin Richter from Box Hill City Oval.

AFL Round 12 – Carlton v Hawthorn: Statistically A Perfect 10

Hawthorn may have their eyes on the bigger prize, but encounters like Friday night mean just as much for their fans, especially Armin Richter. He missed out on 10 consecutive wins against the Blues in the 80s and he wanted that record on Friday night.

AFL Round 10 – Melbourne v Hawthorn: Hawks untroubled by the bald and the dutiful

Aussie80s went to the MCG concerned for Hawthorn’s form against bald players but on this sunny winter’s day he had nothing to worry about. Unlike Mark Neeld.

AFL Round 9 – Hawthorn v Gold Coast: Visions Of Things To Come

Armin Richter says the Suns have a stack of potential, a conclusion drawn on an afternoon when, for a moment, Hawkers felt a hint of concern.