AFL Preseason – North Melbourne v Hawthorn: Arden Street Cargo Cult

Mick returns to Arden Street and records his understanding of the day – as only Mick can. [Can’t wait to have Mick and Earl in the same room – JTH]

AFL Qualifying Final – Hawthorn v Geelong: Ghost of a Mission Accomplished

Mick Gwyther denies that the woollen beanie is only for the crazy, except when his Hawks are well clear of Geelong in the final quarter of a final.

AFL Elimination Final – North Melbourne v Essendon: BQuaD resurrects Troo Roos

Mick Gwyther is our man on the spot among the Kangaroos faithful on Saturday night. He has generously reinstated the 6 players and coaches sacked at half time.

A day in the life of the back pocket player

Mick Gwyther shares memories of freezing winter days on the footy field in the Gippsland of his youth.

Chip Gut

The Ebay Cowboy, Mick Gwyther, is much more healthy these days. Why? Because AFL Tazos no longer come in potato-chip packets.

The Creed

Mick Gwyther on the Port Adelaide creed, and the implications that has.

AFL Round 6 – Collingwood v Essendon: 99 Luft Balloons

Mick Gwyther tells the story of his great uncle Llew, World War I veteran, who lived an independent life on his Gippsland farm as the ANZAC Day match at the MCG invite him to consider the notion of freedom. [This is a fine antidote to the jingoism of so much coverage – Ed]

What becomes of the broken hearted?

What will be the fate of those Hawks supporters with the number 23? Will there be a Buddy-related collapse in the economy? Will the new holder Tim O’Brien pull out all the stops to heroically rescue #23 from an exodus of kids turning to Cyril instead? Mick Gwyther is asking the tough questions.