Almanac Book Review: the Scott Hodges story

Jeff Dowsing found that Scott Hodges’ life story is both familiar and startling.

“After the game” – Four Corners – on the struggles of elite athletes post-retirement

What happens to elite athletes after retirement? On Four Corners tonight… “elite athletes blow the whistle on the high price paid for sporting glory.”


Andrew Gigacz posted this piece from five years ago on Facebook today and it is brutally honest account of job loss and the affect it can have on someone’s mental health. Must read.

Almanac Music: Racing In The Street Stereo Story

As a teenage boy in a dark suburban room, I was a long way from the turnpikes of New Jersey. I didn’t have a job, a car or a girl, just an Apollo 10-speed bicycle and a dungeon I called my own. What on earth was I connecting with here?

Mental Health Week – a son’s tale

Jesse Maskell puts in his two cents’ worth about mental health. “I made this little video not for me but in the hope of reaching out to others who might need it.”

Manly Movember is upon us (soon!)

Dear readers, with November… sorry I mean Movember on its way I thought it was a good time to start spreading some awareness. Plus, what girl doesn’t love a man with a mo? – Danni

Mental Health Week: Black Dog to Goal Posts (Reprised)

This piece by Jason Kevin Groves from 2011 is one of the most eloquent descriptions of the journey into and out of serious depression. (Hope you are doing well Jason. Give us an update on your footy or personal adventures – Ed.)

To all the Almanackers: RU OK?

Sean Curtain reflects on RU OK? Day, and the value of men sometimes getting beneath the beer and footy talk to share what is really going on inside.

Mitch Clark’s Mental Courage

Joe Moore sticks up for Mitch Clark and reckons that his obligations to his own health outweigh football and contractual issues.

Irish Sportsmen Lead from the Heart

Peter Baulderstone loves that sport can be a vehicle for debate and change about important social issues, as Nicky Winmar and Adam Goodes have shown. The Irish have brave men like hurling champion brothers Conor and Donal Og Cusack. Here in the land of plenty and home of ‘The Bachelor’, we have Aker and Watto.