Mental Health Week – a son’s tale

My 24 year old son Jesse likes his sport: plays some soccer and basketball, follows the footy, enjoys the cricket.

What he didn’t like was getting anxiety and depression when he was in Year 11. He’s out of the woods now.

Being a budding film-maker he’s found a way to, as he says, put in his two cents’ worth about mental health. “I made this not for me but in the hope of reaching out to others who might need it.”

If you’ve got two minutes to spare, take a look.

(Note: It is a credit to The Footy Almanac that I can post such an item on this site. Thanks.)


  1. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Terrific way to raise awareness, Jesse. Well done mate.

  2. 2min 19sec well spent. Well done Jesse, may you stay out of the woods. I wish there was more awareness when I was the same age.

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